How to dress androgynous with a hint of quirkiness for university?

Dear Alois

Next year I am starting university. I am rather frightened with regard to how I now do not have a uniform anymore. I have always loved to dress androgynous with pants and jackets. I was wondering could you give any advice for basics for an androgynous wardrobe with a hint of quirkiness to suit my personality?
It would be a great help.
Much love,
Dear Chariklia,
I was thrilled to receive your request because this sounds like a style I like very much.
So I went straight to the outfits composition and was so inspired I made six.
I could have made more  since it was a lot of fun, but hey, I have to be reasonable as my days are not stretcheable ^^
So. Here they are, hope you’ll like them as much as I do!
1. Dandy boho androgynous
To do androgynous, the basis is to steal in men’s closet. One trick could be to only pick clothes they could actually wear.

Here I went for straight jeans, a striped shirt and loafers.

You could wear the shirt opened, half tucked with rolled sleeves in a feminine way.

The hint of quirckiness you requested comes from the prints of the shirt and shoes (my own shoes ^^). Otherwise the look would be androgynous but more classic.

I picked a very simple school looking bag that could match lots of your university outfits.

Of course, this look can be reproduced with an infinity of men’s shoes and and infinity of shirts.


2. Street cool androgynous

T-shirt, sneakers and jeans are also staples from men’s wardrobe. Combined together they’ll look boyish.
Here I chose fresh colors and a really funky pair of jeans, but the look could be achieved with a regular pair. The color of the shoes makes the quirckiness already.
In case it gets cold I added a blazer. I was looking for a regular one when I found this amazing piece (<3). You can do the same by sticking patches on your classic jacket.

3. Dandy chic androgynous

Tailored pants and loafers are timeless pieces from men’s wardrobe. Daring colors and precious shoes are a must amongst dandys (mens who pay lots of attention to their outfits in a very refined way).
I completed the outfit with a turtleneck sweater that makes the whole outfit look more relaxed. A fluid shirt would have worked as well.

4. Casual classic androgynous

In France, casual men and women’s wardrobe are very similar. Therefore, when wearing only timeless items such as a marin shirt, jeans a bomber and combat boots, you’ll look androgynous.
I added a big black atemporal bag (probably a bit too sophisticated here though).

Here, the quirckyness will come from the actual choice of the pieces (a bit of shine on the bomber) and the way you wear them (half opened combat boots).


5. Glam rock dandy androgynous

Heels and lipstick can work with androgynous style.

I’d say the shirt always says androgynous anyway.

I would call this look glam rock thanks to the skinny, the boots, the bow and the rock attitude.

Worn with short or/ and messy hair it’ll look even better.


6. Retro androgynous

You can also achieve androgynous with a skirt.
Wear your blouse outside your skirt, top with a boyfriend coat, add men’s shoes on your feet et voilà!


You probably noticed I passed on the jewels because they really make a look feminine. But you can add lots of thin jewelry to those outfits and they’ll still work.

Bises de Paris,
10 Responses to “How to dress androgynous with a hint of quirkiness for university?”
  1. Chariklia says:

    Dear Alois

    Thank you thank you and thank you!

    Me and my mom have printed out the page and we are going shopping! I absolutely love all the outfits. Especially the glam rock dandy as not only is my hair super messy, its also short :”) Thank you for making it so versatile. I know now exactly what to do with my extensive brogue and sneakers collection.

    Merci beaucoup.
    Chariklia x

  2. Olivia says:

    Now I know I must buy loafers!! Shiny loafers!! Thank you for your blog, it is marvelous!!

  3. gabriela says:

    Especially love the Retro Androgynous. I might be inspired by this one!

  4. Lisa says:

    Completely love these outfits and the black blazer with space icons is beyond. BEYOND!

  5. Stine Friis says:

    I love the first look! Just bought a new pair of loafers and I’m determined to wear them until the snow comes!

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