How to dress sexy at a chic party for a tall girl

Bonjour !  I am invited to a classy party. Being kind of a tomboy, I would like to feel feminine and pretty (even “sexy”) for a change. Being rather tall (1.87m) and having matching feet, I have trouble finding adequate shoes. Could you make me some outfit suggestions? 

Bonjour Julie,

So you are model tall right? ^^

Truth I do not know lot about your body but since you did not mention anything I am going to assume you have very long legs (like almost all tall girls) and that you are thin.

As you told me you are a tomboy in everyday’s life, I got inspired from this to create feminine and sexy outfits that have a bit a masculine twist in them to match you usual attitude.

But I also created two totally feminine looks 🙂

About the shoes. I know this is really complicated for ladies with big feet to find nice models. Especially with heels. But there are specialized websites with great choice.

So I made as if shoes were not an issue.

And I added heels. Because why would tall girls not wear heels? Last year I saw a documentary called “tall girls” on which tall girls were being interviewed (no kidding). One of them said she was always wearing heels because this way, people would look at her, thinking how tall she his, then look at her shoes and think “oooh but that is BECAUSE of the heels of course”. Made me smile.

Regarding clothes lengths: you can wear both long and short. They’ll suit equally!

1. Fatale parigote*

No need for little black dress to be both sexy and classy.
Big black jumpsuit will do the trick. With an added daring je-ne-sais-quoi.
Top this one with some funky accessories, sultry red lips, slightly messy hair and a cigarette, and voilà, you transformed into a snobbish yet irresistible parisienne ^^
NB: Jumpsuit are mean to many women’s bodies. I recommend you choose a jumpsuit with a defined waistline in order to create structure. Therefore, this will suit only those who have a defined waistline and flat belly. Otherwise, I advice you rather go for a dress or pants + top.
*parigote is slang for “parisienne”

2. Mischivious parisienne


Outfit’s recipe

Choose a feminine dress which reveals your stunning legs

Add some masculine yet chic shoes (derbies, loafers, flat low boots, etc).

Add a hint of daring lipstick

A mist of sensual perfume and go out mesmerize everyone.


3. Rock nightbird

Again, this outfit is designed to make your legs the shining star.

In order to achieve that, I chose skinny shiny fitting pants but the look could work with any pants that stand out.

I completed with simple yet elegant shoes and top (you could add a blazer to it), smokey eyes, punkish minimal jewels and a hint of bright color (here on nails).

Dressed like this, you could start you evening having dinner at a fancy restaurant and finish it in an underground club.


4. Sexy sixties

So this looks is hundred percent feminine.

But with the light teenage flirty feminity of the sixties.

A style period designed for long legged gals.

Just pick a straight or A-line super simple shaped dress. Then add some funky accessories (here sparkly boots only ladies with long and thin legs can gracefully pull out since they go really high on the calves and do not have lots of heels).

Printed tights are an option.


5. WASP but not boring

The high rise short skirt is a classic.

It will suit you as long as your legs are not too long (otherwise it’ll make a “mini torso” effect).

If the skirt is sophisticated as in the above outfit, pick a simple top and vice-versa.

For shoes, you could opt for ballerinas. I prefer a slightly pointy model which doesn’t have the “little girl” spirit of the ones that are round and have bows. If you do not go overpointy it won’t make your feet look bigger.

Shopping suggestions:

– Brocard skirt

– Pointy laced ballerinas

I wish you to enjoy dressing yourself at your next party!

Bises de Paris, 


4 Responses to “How to dress sexy at a chic party for a tall girl”
  1. Tatiana says:

    Ah les tenues que vous composez sont toujours parfaites, avec la touche d’originalité qu’il faut ! J’aime beaucoup la première tenue !
    J’aurai une question: dans deux semaines, j’ai un shooting pour une marque de chaussures de luxe (guetty sun), qui produit des chaussures assez originales. Je ne sais pas quelles chaussures je vais porter, et je dois apporter deux tenues, une de soirée, et une au choix.
    Pour celle de soirée, j’ai une longue robe noire fendue sur le côté, avec un décolleté discret mais présent, en coeur, et des bretelles épaisses. Mais je sèche sur les accessoires. Et pour la tenue au choix, c’est un peu la panique, je pourrais mettre un jean noir mais je n’ai vraiment pas l’inspiration pour le reste, surtout en ne sachant pas quelles chaussures je vais porter ! Est-il possible que vous m’apportiez vos lumières ?

  2. Lisa says:

    You have an unerring eye. Even the WASP outfit is so right, and as I understand it the closest Paris gets to the High WASP is BCBG. Correct?

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