Shiny Christmas outfitspirations

You know they say for your wedding you shall wear something new, something borrowed and something new?
Well I think for party times you should wear… something shiny ^^
My faithful readers probably already have noticed I have sort of an obsession for everything that shines.
So for this christmassy lookmaker I decided to indulge myself by composing 4 eye-candy outfits featuring glitters.
Of course, the lesser the better. Only one glittery piece is enough. Makeup included.
So here it goes.
From head to toes.

1. Sequins jacket


No need to wear a dress to be fancy.

I started with a very simple basis (black cigarette pants with black low neck silk spaghetti top) and added beautiful green statement sandals echoed by pink nail polish, its complementary color.

Topped by a sequined jacket, this look is wearable at any age cause it’s not to revealing.

Those who prefer can wear a top less low and shoes less high.

2. Pink lamé A-line skirt

This fresh look is perfect for a 20/30 smth.
The very classic layered button-up and black sweater are great for a family dinner.
I made them fun, fancy and christmassy by pairing them with a dressed up lamé skirt, velvet Mary-janes in a deep-red neighbor color and an adorable snowflake pendant necklace.
Wear the necklace’s chain hidden under the collar so you just see the charm and tuck your tops into your skirt, making sure they create no folds.
This outfit will look its best on girls with a defined waist.
3. Gold carrot pants
I love shiny pants!
In order not to make your whole family go blind, you shall pair them with some darker colors.
Black is of course perfect.
So here I went for laced up suede stilettos (no shine) that elongate the allure, a dark blue silk top, a fluid dotted blazer (could be plain) and a leather/ gold bracelet.
You could finish the allure with some bold red/ burgundy lipstick nails or/and lips.
The ladies with a defined waist will go for high waisted pants and tucked in top, the others will prefer low waisted pants and tops worn tucked out or in.
4. Sparkly booties
Seen those booties before right? I know… those St Laurent have been featured in a certain number of lookmakers, but hey, I love them (btw if someone wants to do me a lil’ christmas present?)
I went for a sweet girly outfit this time: a classic yet funky scalloped shirt, a cocoon baby blue cashmere sweater decorated with a cute retro bird brooch and pattern tights.
I think the baby blue/ gold looks fab and not common.
Ready to unwrap? (Not you, the presents, even if now you may just look like one ^^)
2 Responses to “Shiny Christmas outfitspirations”
  1. Rachna says:

    Can I ask your opinion on a shiny outfit? Dark grey sequin leggings, white button up shirt, fuchsia v neck cashmere tunic, and black heels. Rhinestone clutch. I generally wear the leggings with a black tunic but I want to try something different!

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Hello Rahsna,
      I’ll answer your question in next week’s lookmaker which will be published monday.
      In the meanwhile, I think the fuchsia is too flashy for the outfit and that the rhinestone clutch is too much shine.
      The white button up works if rather long.

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