Can I wear my black bodycon dress for a formal evening?

Hi Alois,

I really like the whole “sexy but not tacky” style. I mean…every girl would definitely want to look beautiful, confident, and sexy..but nobody wants to look tacky. I was wondering if you could help me. We’ll be having a “Night life” office party. and I have this bodycon black dress that I definitely want to try wearing. It is a halter like dress with a bare back cut. and it ends around mid thighs. I have no idea of what shoes to wear or buy. Pumps? Will those make it tacky? sandals? heels? What accessories? or is the dress tacky, itself? I just want to look…uhmm…sophisticated kinda sexy? And by the way…I’m 5’1” and petite…like cup A boobs. Does this help make the dress less tacky?


Hello Angelica,

First of all it really depends of the dress.

The better the quality of the fabric (not too polyester shiny and not too see-the-underwear thin), the less tacky it is likely too look.

Bodycon and mini-length can be achieved in a chic way. Especially if you have the body for it. It is easier to pull out a super short dress if you are small which you are. And it is easier to do bodycon in an elegant manner if you are petite with small boobs which you are.

So, be happy, you are starting the right way 🙂

Then I read that you are referring to an office party. It depends of your office, but, normally, I would not recommend to wear a bodycon mini dress to it since it will be really sexy no matter what you do.

Nevertheless, I also read that this is a themed “night life” party and therefore I think this is ok if you play the game and indeed wear some nighttime ready clothes such as this black dress.

Here is how you could wear it.

(I did not find a mini halter dress I liked so I replaced it with similar dresses with different necklines.)

1. Sparkly jacket and kitten heeled booties

When you are petite it is always nice to elevate your silhouette with heels.

I nevertheless recommend you not to go to high because it would look out of proportions.

Kitten heels would look very cute on you.

With the mini dress, I think you could wear low boots. They will make it look less sexy and still show enough leg length in order not to shorten them. Plus they look rock.

The theme of the party being “Night life” you could add something shiny that says “Nightbird” in your outfit.

Here I picked a shoulder padded straight jacket that also helps making the look less revealing.

You could finish the look with something red (jewel, makeup, clutch…) and some plumetis tights.

By the way, I chose not to add purses in those outfits because I assumed you would be inside your office.

2. Glitter boots and belted fluid jacket

A belted jacket would be a feminine way to add volume and structure to your mini dress.

I went for glitter again and low boots again to fit both theme and dress length.



3. Statement thin colored jewels and strappy pumps

I chose to present the jewels on the bare dress for the moment you’ll eventually will have dropped the layer.

Statement jewels are always a nice match for a simple black dress.

They do not have to be big. An unusual shape or a flashy color are often sufficient.

Here I picked Delfina Delettrez amazing creations as polypore makes me feel like a millionaire (kind of when you are 7 and dressing up your barbie doll) but there are plenty of jewel maker that do great stuff at affordable prices. Browse your city shop and the internet.

Shoewise, I think pumps are not the best choice for this kind of dress as they look to easy and therefore tacky.

I preferred an alternative style with a strap and chunky heels that make them look more innocent.



4. Statement chunky jewels and eccentric open-toes

The size of the jewels is also a good way to make them statement.

For this outfit I picked chunky pins and a geometric cuff.

They match the weird eccentric shoes.

5. Long sleeved bodycon mini-dress and classic pumps

I recommend the women who would like to wear bodycon black in a chic way to prefer a long sleeved dress.

They could even achieve stiletto pumps ^^

Hope you’ll look stunning and elegant at your office party!

4 Responses to “Can I wear my black bodycon dress for a formal evening?”
  1. Michelle says:

    I’m not an accessories person but I love outfit #5!

  2. Lisa says:

    Oh my god that second outfit! So incredibly chic and effortless! Almost enough to make a 59-year old woman buy silver glitter disco boots!

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      You could do a variation of it: replace the dress with a silk top and cigarette 7/8 pants and then the glitter disco boots will look great and modern 🙂

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