How to accessorize my forest green coat?

I recently bough a forest green colored coat but I do not know how to accessorize it outside. I usually wear it with a red scarf I own since a long time but I am not quite satisfied with the result. I love colors so I would prefer to wear something other than black but I have no clue what. Could you please give me some ideas? 


Hello Lucie,

I love that you choose a forest green coat.

Just by doing that you step out of the crowd. You could even wear just plain black with it and not look boring.

But I understand that you wish to color the winter a bit ^^

First, I agree with you, red is not a good match for green: it look too “christmas decor”. Same for gold. Santa bonus point if you pull out the three together.

I made a list of the colors you could wear with your coat (hat, scarf, gloves, bag)

Purple and its variants: it is green’s complementary color and, even if it may strike you as a typical 80’s workout color combo, it actually very nice. If you are aiming for a more understated contrast I recommend you to go for darker or paler shades.

Night blue: a sophisticated association

Camel and beige: very chic in a cocoon, mountain spirit

Other blues: baby, icy, navy, mediterranean… will also match green in a nice manner

Chocolate brown: very lady

Grey (dark or light): brings some urban casualness to the rich color that green is

More risky but nevertheless doable:

– White: beware of the snowy pine tree effect but otherwise adorable

– Burgundy: more subtle than red but may make you look like an off duty girl scout

– Yellow, orange and their friends: eventually will make you ressemble an iguana

Also think of prints to make your outfit stand out using neutrals.

1. Around purple

For this outfit I chose electric violet gloves that bring a flash of light.
I completed with neutrals: a black white lined scarf and a beige beanie in order to diversify without overloading.

2. Around zebra

The zebra printed gloves are the basis for a womanly outfit that I finished with a faux-fur collar in the same spirit.
As the gloves are neutrals I could also have picked colored complementary accessories.
The gloves could also have been leopard which is a more common yet interesting mix.

3. Around blue

We often forget pastels when it comes to accessories.
What a shame because, thanks to their faded shades, they nicely blend with plenty of colors!
I completed with a white newspaper style printed scarf which appears grey.
For the leather gloves, look for a gloves specialist, they do all colors!
I hope I inspired you new ways to wear your coat, 
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  1. Margaux says:

    Merci pour vos articles tres malins et utiles! Je me suis achete un manteau loose vert gazon les petites et j’avoue que la couleur est tres belle mais c’est plus difficile d’assortir que le vert sapin car la couleur est vive. A part le noir et le blanc auriez vous des associations interessantes?
    Voici deux photo du manteau:

    Merci beaucoup!

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