How to wear a short skirt at a chic winter wedding?

Hi Aloïs, 

The outfit you created for me during our last shopping got me many compliments at the wedding I was invited at this summer.

So now,  I have a winter wedding and am lacking inspiration. I read the article you published on the topic last year and I like the outfit that features the short dress (ed note: she has long beautiful legs). Could you give me some inspirations? 

The wedding is rather conservative.



I am glad last time outfit was a success.

You are right to go for a short skirt again, they really make your legs look their best!

And the good thing about them in winter is that the tights prevent them from looking tacky.

I created some simple yet sophisticated outfits for you as I now that is what you like ^^


1. Sexy conservative

As you liked the draped skirt from my “how to dress for a wedding in winter” post, I did it again.
Here in a beautiful bottle green color with a simple black silk top and classic stilettos.
Some red nails, a jewel clutch with hints of red and unusual jewels come spice the style.

2. Mischievous sophistication

Here again, details make the outfit jump from classic to stylish.
A black skirt and a top, indeed, but in a sought-after shade and with a scalloped hem.
A black blazer… but with satin lining!
The statement shoes add some quirkiness.
Nails, earrings and bag complete the look, matching the colors of the shoes in a discreet manner.

3. Liberated WASP

The above outfit may seem kind of boring at first sight.
Yet the satin fabric, the cut and the necklace make the blouse go from workwear to evening wear.
For a merry feel, I added vivid pumps and a printed clutch 🙂

4. Not like grandma powdered pink

The nudish pinks are flattering for fair complexions like yours.
It is the perfect choice if you aim to wear sequins without looking like a disco ball.
The white jacket makes the outfit look more conservative.
For shoes, I picked velvet burgundy which brings color in a discreet manner.
Hoping you’ll be the prettiest to wed your friends (well except for the bride of course ^^).
One Response to “How to wear a short skirt at a chic winter wedding?”
  1. Sarah says:

    Chère Aloïs,
    Je découvre ton site et suis en train de le parcourir avec gourmandise 🙂
    Je rebondis sur ces conseils, car j’ai une jupe rose poudrée de la couleur du look n4 que tu suggères, et aussi une robe de la même couleur, en soie sauvage. Je les porte facilement en été, jambes nues avec des sandales en cuir, mais ai beaucoup de mal à les porter en hiver, surtout un problème de couleurs à associer : collants, haut, gilets, chaussures…
    Si tu as 2/3 conseils pour moi, je serais ravie !

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