How to dress for a winter wedding?

You’ve been invited to a wedding. Yay! You’ve read my last article on how to dress for a wedding so you are ready to be the most stylish of all ladies there…

But what if the wedding, takes place right now, when it is coooold (unless you live in south hemisphere or LA – hello there)?

Bye bye flowery dresses, bare legs and sun hats!

This is a different challenge…

First check out the dresscode again.

But let’s be realistic, in winter, barefeet romantic weddings on the beach or casual wedding in the forest are unlikely to happen and you’ll probably be partying  in a rather formal way:

– First: freeze in the mayor’s office or in  the capel

– Second: warm up inside with champagne.

There are two things you should be looking for regarding your outfit:

1. It should be warm

For both outside and inside.

a. Use warm fabrics

My advice is to use warm fabrics (you really needed me for this one)! Fleece is a must-have (no^^).

Velvet, silk, cashmere and wool are very good choices.

Choose them thicker than you would have in summer times. Crepe fabrics are perfect for that purpose.

Cotton and linen should be avoided.

b. Add warm accessories

Complete you dress/skirt/pants with something on top like a blazer or even a coat if you are gonna stay outside for a while.

For coats, I advice A line cut or tailored as this is are the dressiest kinds.

You can also add a silk or cashmere scarf to keep you warm outside but also inside.

And tights will prevent your legs from goose bumps. If your dress is simple you can even go for couture ones.

2. It should be colorful

Black is often a favorite in winter but a wedding with everyone in black? Sad…

However the colors can be different from the ones you would have picked for sunny days.

Prefer warm colors that will make your outfit look rich like bordeaux, purple, golden yellow.

Or go for frozen hues like pale blue or baby pink.

Shiny fabrics are also a must for winter, but always keep in mind that this is a wedding and not a disco party. Keep it low profile.

3. Be yourself

Do not disguise! You are not a girly girl? Then no skater dress.

4. Outfitspirations

– Girly: you are the bride’s younger sister and do not wanna be mistaken for her older sis

Winter wedding
Winter wedding by dresslikeaparisian

This blue skater dress has the right amount of transparency and its shape is girly while remaining sophisticated. Bordeaux sandals in a contrasting color balance the cold blue. Shine is subtly added in accessories and make up. Black slightly see-trough tights would be my choice.

– Ladylike: posh runs in your veins but you do not wanna look boring or old fashioned

Winter wedding 2
Winter wedding 2 by dresslikeaparisian featuring mary-janes

This feminine dress is rather short but still a very chic choice. Its pleats make it look sophisticated and it does not have any decolletage. Plus it is worn with a kitten heel and semi-opaque tights. The purple of the dress is balanced with warm gold hues in accessories and a bordeaux “neighbor color” velvet clutch. For the outside, I picked a mustard yellow coat as complementary color.

As the dress already is very dressy, I chose thin jewels in order not to make the outfit look overdressed. To much jewels and shine will indeed make you appear older than you are.

Modern: you are the bride’s single aunt and your absence of husband has nothing to do with your absence of style

Winter wedding 3
Winter wedding 3 by dresslikeaparisian

This square shaped top is proof that cosy can be chic. It is black indeed, but I paired it with brocade pants that have a super rich wintery floral print so it is festive!

Two reason why I did not add any necklace: the top has a great geometry that I did not wanna ruin and the pants precious gold print counts as a jewel. So does the classic gold pump. Complete with bracelet and earrings.

The raspberry lipstick adds a pop of cold color that could also be in the shoe, in the clutch, on the nails…
Shine in classics: you do not like heels. Period.

Winter wedding 4
Winter wedding 4 by dresslikeaparisian

A shirt and loafers for a wedding? Yes because those are party versions ^^ The shirt is made of silk and the loafers shine in silver.

This outfit features an harmony of frozen colors. Blue hues completed with opposite pink hues with a delicate shine. Perfect for blonde ladies. All colors are rather faded or somber, therefore the pop of color on the nails levels up the look.

Masculin/féminin: dressed to impress

Winter wedding 5

Here the top is super feminine while the pants and jacket evoke a masculine tuxedo. Just like with the former outfit, I chose to create an outfit basis using two shades of the same color, here pale pink and bordeaux. As accessories, super feminine heels in shiny gold, discreet pearl earrings and a precious clutch in contrasting green.

Since there are already a lot of “lipstick colors” in that outfit, I chose to complete the look with smokey eyes for a dramatic effect.

And you? Do you have any wedding planed this winter?

How are you gonna dress?

Bises de Paris

Cover collage: Unknown and Etsy

5 Responses to “How to dress for a winter wedding?”
  1. trop mimi la tenue, il ne me reste plus qu’à me bien coiffer et à me trouver un bon partenaire pour la soirée !! hihihi

  2. Anita says:

    Question: what color scheme would you create around a frosty pink or blue dress during the wintertime?

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      In this article, I paired a frosty pink coat with a solid pale blue shirt.
      I could pair a frosty pink or blue dress with a black or navy blue boyfriend blazer to make it less girly.
      I could also pair it with something “frosty” too like a furry white coat.
      To complete, burgundy (lips or nails) or deep blue make up (liner or nails) would break the “pale colored” outfit.

  3. Helene says:

    Super ces tenues, et ça tombe à pic ces conseils ! Je jouerai la tante célib’ pour le coup 😉

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