How to wear my linen ruffle black skirt?

Bonjour Aloïs,  First, I wanted to say how much I love your blog, and I was hoping you could give me some advice. I just bought a black linen skirt. I know it should be a classic summer piece, but I am feeling a little uninspired. All I can think of wearing it with is […]

How to dress for a wedding when 5 month pregnant?

Hi Alois, I love your blog and the inspiration it brings! I am going to a wedding in France in late summer, at which point I will be 5 months pregnant. I am 167 cm and 60 kgs. What should I wear? Xx from Amsterdam, J Hi J, Congratulations for the coming baby and enjoy the […]

How to wear my white bomber jacket?

Hello, I would like to know how to wear a white bomber?  Yuria Bonjour Yuria, There are soon many ways to wear a white bomber jacket! It is very casual so you can either wear it with other casual pieces or use it too “break” a sophisticated outfit. To know what shapes suit a bomber […]

Black tie outfit with long dresses

Last time I published “prom night advices” featuring only short dresses, a reader told me that some schools require long gowns. So I created long gowns outfits… Yet, as I was about to publish, I realized they were more more suited for Cannes red carpet. Therefore I am publishing them as general inspiration for anyone who […]

Prom dress inspiration

Hello les filles, Recently I had a few distance styling requests for prom outfits. As I love to create outfits for occasions, I decided to share some here. Those are created for teenagers or very young ladies. They are both chic yet not too serious in order to match the age of the wearer. Today, […]

How to wear skirts with sport shoes?

Hi, Here is a question, how do you wear long or short skirts with comfortable sports shoes? Thanks! Hi there, First of all, as sport shoes, I choose sneakers . I am not sure what other sport shoes you can wear outside of sport. Erm… soccer shoes? Climbing shoes? no. Ballerinas? Yes but not sure […]

How to wear my lilac blazer?

Bonjour Aloïs,  I love your blog!  I don’t know if you’re taking questions for the Look Maker or not, but I have one.  I recently succumbed to a great sale and bought a lilac velvet blazer (image attached). How can I wear it without looking like Willy Wonka? I am short and curvy/hourglass, middle-aged and […]

How to wear my mint green coat?

Bonjour, I have been reading your blog with interest since I accidentally found it while I was looking for advices about tights.  As I love colors, two years ago, I purchased a green mint coat with a peter pan collar. It is super nice but I have no idea how to wear it.  I find […]

How to wear my gold ankle boots?

During a style coaching, I advised one of my clients, a rather classic mid forties woman for was look for more style and simplicity, to purchase a pair of Sonia Rykiel gold ankle boots. At first she was disoriented, thinking those shoes were too eccentric for her but when I pointed out the many possibilities of matching this item […]

How to wear my royal blue V neck sweater?

Hi Aloïs,  I just purchased an electric blue cashmere V neck, but voilà, I have no idea how to wear it!  I am a black, plump and short and like skirts, Looking forward to read you,  Agnès,  Bonjour Agnès, you are right, electric blue looks great on black skins! You can easily match it with […]

How to wear my black dress for a work christmas party?

Dear Aloïs,   I have been following your blog for years, and I’m in need of some advice. I have a work Christmas party coming up, and was thinking of wearing a dress similar to the one in the picture, but with a boat neckline and a slit down the leg, and it is midi length. […]