How to wear the “ski sweater” in a cool manner?

Hello Aloïs

I bought a winter sweater Marc Darcy style. I love it because it so quirky but I do not know what to wear it with. When I pair it with jeans and sneakers, I look like I landed straight from an eighties show. 

Do you have any suggestions on how to wear it without looking like I am going on a ride with reindeers? 


Salut Pauline,

Love those kind of sweater, they are so fun! And trending now 🙂

But I agree, pairing it with merely a jean and sneakers doesn’t exactly say stylish.

Here are ways you could style it.


1/ Cosy and refined

Let’s begin to style it with…jeans ^^Here I chose to match this pale blue sweater with equally pale jeans and to add a burgundy belt in order to add some structure to the mix.
As accessories, I went for refined instead of casual with gold boots and mother of pearl and gold hoop earrings. Et voilà!
You could add smudged burgundy lips for a healthy glow.
2/ English elegance

I am cheating a bit here since this revamped winter sweater is already super cool. Here I paired it with a palette of warm earthy tones such as dark blue jeans, moussy green boots, a cognac belt and burgundy lips.

3/ “Marc Darcy” goes to the office at wintertime
In case your office is organizing an “ugly sweater week” and you do not want to look ugly yourself (maybe there is a Mark Darcy to seduce out there). Then play it super professional with the all classy classic attire and throw the Christmas sweater into the mix. It will make you look playful yet chic.

4/ Sexyxties

The opposite attract they say, so wear your sweater with a sexy skirt. Both the sweater and the skirt will appear less funky/ less sexy this way. And since it is winter, why not add some wintery stuffs into the mix like laced up suede booties, a white backpack and rosy cheeks?

Have fun Pauline, it is going to snow in Paris tonight!

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  1. Catherine says:

    Bonjour, je n’arrive plus a voir vos photo sur le blog look maker. =(

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