How to wear my lilac blazer?

Bonjour Aloïs, 

I love your blog!  I don’t know if you’re taking questions for the Look Maker or not, but I have one.  I recently succumbed to a great sale and bought a lilac velvet blazer (image attached). How can I wear it without looking like Willy Wonka?

I am short and curvy/hourglass, middle-aged and fair with light brown/grey hair; I’d be especially interested in ideas involving skirts and dresses. 

Love to you and Paris,


Bonjour Cathy,

You did not choose the easy way, I must admit ^^

A lilac blazer can indeed make you look like a Gilderoy Lockhart or the queen of England (forgive me Elisabeth to always quote you as a don’t).

Here is how you could make it look great.

1/ Blazer cool

Shades of pastel work wonder together! They make you feel like spring has already sprung.

Add jeans and raw minimal shaped earrings and you are ready to rock lilac.

2/ Cosy fashion

Grey, white and silver feel urban and sophisticated. They make lilac feel more futuristic than retro.

3. Chic in lilac

Doesn’t black and lilac sound like you are a manga goth princess?

But with modern androgynous shapes such as a fluid shirt, cigarette pants and a minimal clutch, they take you to a whole new dimension.

Dare a flash of yellow as a detail, it is an unexpected yet very efficient and grown up pairing.

4/ Modern princess
This look is super sophisticated and requires lots of attitude.
Basically this is the silhouette of the season: chunky knit + knee length fluid skirt + high boots in a palette of refined fabric and delicate nudes.
Add some red or coral lipstick to give it a final quick,
Et voilà!
And you? Do you feel like wearing lilac? You should because…
Says the lilac’s fairy
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  1. Eugénie says:

    Suggestions aussi jolies que pour mon manteau menthe. Je note la persistance des accessoires métallises. C’est vrai que c’est charmant avec les couleurs pastel.

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