How to wear skirts with sport shoes?


Here is a question, how do you wear long or short skirts with comfortable sports shoes?

Hi there,
First of all, as sport shoes, I choose sneakers . I am not sure what other sport shoes you can wear outside of sport. Erm… soccer shoes? Climbing shoes? no. Ballerinas? Yes but not sure this is what you referred to with comfortable.
Any kind of sneakers will work but the ones that are designed for the gym or for running.
Luckily, they’ll match any type of skirt, whether long or short, fluid or tight, simple or sophisticated.
You can wear them bare legs or with tights but here, as spring is already here, my outfitspirations will be tightsfree.
1/ Sophisticated short skirt and sneakers
You want to wear your fancy skirt during day time? No problem, just dress it down with sneakers, a basic T-shirt and intentional messy hair.

2/ Long fluid skirt and sneakers


You are aiming to make your long skirt look less dramatic? Easy, just add Vans and a relaxed sweater.

3/ Pencil skirt and sneakers

You wished your pencil skirt didn’t look so uptight? Pair it with sneakers and a crop top and there you are!
(The skirt does not have to be shiny nor the sneakers velvety ^^)

4/ Mini tight skirt and sneakers

You want to make your mini less sexy? Make it sporty! Add converse, a back back and voilà!
And you? Do you wear sneakers with skirts?
5 Responses to “How to wear skirts with sport shoes?”
  1. Cathryne says:

    Yes, I frequently must wear sneakers with skirts because of past injuries, but am always looking for ways to express more style. (I’m over 60, so unfortunately no short skirts any more.)

    Unless it’s very warm out, I will always wear black tights & either no-show socks or low slouch sox, but I’m open to suggestions about that.
    Thank you so much for these ideas Alois!

  2. V says:


    Tout-à-fait !!! Ce jour (quel sens du timing ^^),
    Je suis en perfecto, gilet léger, tee-shirt (all over bleu marine dans différentes matières) + jupe plissée longue + sneakers blanches (Pas de Converse blanches dans mon shoesing :Ca me donne des pieds énormes, le bout rond n’arrangeant rien …dans mon cas).

    Une belle journée

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