Prom dress inspiration

Hello les filles,

Recently I had a few distance styling requests for prom outfits.

As I love to create outfits for occasions, I decided to share some here.

Those are created for teenagers or very young ladies. They are both chic yet not too serious in order to match the age of the wearer.

Today, I went for rather fresh and innocent looks featuring a lot of short skater dresses.

1/ Delicious parisienne

The LBD is a classic amongst classic… that sometimes appear too formal on a young girl.

Here the plumetis adds some quirkiness to it.

I then sprinkled the outfit with whimsy accessory such as a playful lemon clutch and princess bow  sparkly heels.

On the lips and fingers, the pinks enlightens the complexion.

You’ll notice that not one color is matching the other.

With a LBD, you can choose every accessory to be a different shade as they are far away enough.

I also played on contrast and texture, the pink of the nails being the opposite color as the yellow of the bag and the shine being only on the finger and feet.

2/ Fataladorable

A lot of red at first sight isn’t it?
Yet actually this is not as bold as you may think: there is a lot of skin in this monochrome outfit and the red is actually only located on the dress, shoes and fingers.

3/ Sour sugar

I again paired soft marshmallow ping with lemon ice-cream.
The big eighties earrings and the holographic bag give an “Back to the future” twist to this fun outfit.

4/ Pearly sophistication

The scalloped cut of the dress and its colors evokes me a sea shall which is why I paired it with precious earrings echoing this theme.
The greenish blue of the shoes could be the one of the troubled sea and the nail polish is the color of a mussel.
This style is very sophisticated and will make you look as if you were made of porcelain.

And you? Would you pick any of those outfits for prom? 

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  1. Wendy says:

    Gorgeous though these outfits are (vastly more chic than real prom outfits tend to be!), they are not prom outfits. Floor length gowns are required at most proms, such that a girl was recently denied entry to her prom because her dress wasn’t full length. So you might want to change the title to “party dress inspiration” or something.

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