How to wear my black patent Doc Martens?

Bonjour Mon’amie!
I recently was gifted a beautiful pair of black patent leather doc martins, and I loovve them, but I have no idea how to style them. I am a weird dresser, because I love to wear almost Blaire Waldorf inspired looks, and sports luxe looks.
What can I do?


Bonjour Jade!

Merci for your request,

It is definitely easier to style the doc Martens in Blair Waldorf inspired look as the roughness of the doc Martens nicely contrasts the refined preppy style of the socialite.

So here are my suggestions, hope you’ll like them,


1/ Cute and colorful



Blair loves colors and short skirts.
Here I picked olive green and fuchsia mix as opposite colors, they work well together.
For the shapes, the waist is defined as the top is cropped. The short lenght of the dress balances the height of the doc Martens boots.

2/ Well-behaved and feminine


Black a white is always a nice option… but try not too look like you are waitressing, by opening up your shirt, rolling the sleeves and tucking it loosely in the front to reveal the belt buckle.

Add funky earrings, a preppy gingham bag, red lips for the color and voilà!

3/ Frilly and preppy


This trend of matching roughness with frillyness exists since forever (remember Luella Bartley 10 years ago) but I still like it very much.

Pair the boots with a frilly dress or skirt… and then eventually add a preppy colored bag, because you are Blair in the end.

4/ A bit eccentric and elegant


Cropped pants work perfectly with Doc Martens and if you can show a bit of your calves it is even better for proportions.
Here I picked them in a “not so sweet floral print” that matches the rock and roll attitude of the boots.
Finish with a basic top and elegant “bourgeois” earrings that reminds of the pop of red in the pants print.
Hop, you are adorable
And you? Do you own Doc Martens shoes? How do you wear them? 
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  1. Mariana says:

    I have a metallic pink-goldish pair of new balance sneakers and I would like to know how can I wear them, since I know they are quite a statement.
    merci beaucoup!

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