How to wear an oversized sweater?

The other day, while I waited for my client to change clothes, a woman was being advised by a salesperson who was asserting the knit she was trying on was a perfect fit. As soon as the vendor had left, the lady, who had picked up I was a stylist, asked me for advice: “isn’t […]

How to wear gray?

When not associated with handcuffs, gray can sound like a boring color. The one of cobblestones, February sky and heartless offices. It may not be the funkiest of colors indeed but it does have some undeniable style perks. it’s an often overlooked neutral color it conveys either edginess, professionalism or refinement it can be many […]

How to wear skinnies in tall boots

In the late noughties, we used to channel our inner Kate Moss wearing skinny jeans tucked inside tall boots. One decade later, this trend seemed to have completely disappeared… except for some ladies who did not let go of the past trends. Good news for them, they could now be considered as trendsetters (better than […]

Shall I still buy on sales?

In Paris, sales started last Wednesday for a full month. In France, shops can only go on sales for a certain period of time and do so all together twice a year at the end of the season to clear up what hasn’t yet been sold full price. There are no year-round sales… well that’s […]

Fashion resolutions for 2020

Since the beginning of our millenial, fast-fashion have been queen. Let’s make this new decade the end of her reign. Fashion revolution is now! There is no denying that our consumption has become unsustainable for the planet’s resources. And fashion has a role to play, being the second more polluting industry on the planet. As […]

How to dress when it is freezing cold

Sometimes people feel like their can’t be stylish in the depth of winter because their style is covered up in layers… Indeed. But why not make what covers you up what styles you up? Note that I am talking freezing cold Paris weather which is minus one celsius or so. Not freezing cold Chicago where […]

How to dress on a rainy spring day

Aloïs, Paris underwater correspondent, may 10th 2019. After 10 days disappearance, sun shined timidly this morning only to soon be replaced by dark clouds. Loosing hope. Haven’t dried in days. Just heard a drop. Trying to fight back in style. Hair won’t cooperate. Here are my tips on how to fight rain depression. Hope it […]

Enhance your style with earrings

After spending the beginning of the decade adorned with huge necklaces, earrings are now the lead of the game. There are lots of benefits to wearing “high up on the face” jewels. Even the days you have to hide under layers of coats, scarves and beanies, they’ll nicely peak out. And no need to match […]

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