Styling tricks you can learn from AW 2021 fashion shows

Watching the fashion show can be a baffling experience.

How are those wonderful looks to be worn outside of a catwalk?

I admit you won’t pull out a sequin embroidered transparent dress under a grandpa wool jacket on a daily basis… but you can get inspired even from the most intricated silhouettes. What about taking those sequins out on top with rough wool carrot pants? The fancy/ coarse combination remains the same but you have organized the ingredients in your own way.

Today, I decipher the seasons main trends to make them wearable.

And, who knows, you may have the ingredients to copy the look in your closet already!

I/ Upgrade your collar

Such attention paid to the neck area frames the face which appears more radiant than ever.

Pussy bows where the stars of the shows whether attached to a blouse or worn by themwelves.

Slightly on the side over a crew neck sweater…

Alberta Feretti. 

Oversized and centered over a waistcoat for a dramatic evening outfit…


A scarf knotted a la Beau Brummel under a same colored jacket…

Christophe Lemaire

Grandma’s ruffle collar and wrists over a navy blue communicant like dress…


The classic button up shirt collar is back, here worn same color different texture over a crew neck…

Alberta Feretti

Another trend is to tuck the collar’s tips inside the outer layer…

Victoria Beckham

Add it a bow. Black on white is a must…


Ties have also been seen on many shows (no interpretation has convinced me though)…


The turtleneck is still a must to replace the scarf…

Match it to your beanie to frame your face like it’s 1200

Brandon Maxwell

Top it with a necklace…

Brandon Maxwell

Wear it under a perfectly matching shirt…

Christophe Lemaire

Make it the jewel of your outfit…

Lutz Huelle

Or use it to make your evening dress more demure (and warmer)…

Roland Mouret

Try unusual collar shapes and make sure they are noticed by wearing them under a constrasting layer…

Victoria Beckham

II- Wear an oversize jacket

To transform you silk slip dress into day wear…

Brandon Maxwell

When you belt it, wrap it around you…


III/ Make the belt stand out

Wear a jewel like belt on a neutral background at night…

Victoria Beckham

And during the day…


Make your constrasting belt the focal of the outfit…

Isabel Marant

IV/ The waistcoat is back

Oui oui, those are facts. Maybe you still own one from the late nineties?

Wear it over your pussy bows…


Or like in a men’s suit over a classic button up and under a blazer…


Or alone, to replace a top…

Gabriela Hearst

V/ Try ruffled blouses

Like a modern day pirate with high waisted pants (like I did in this outfit)…


Or like a Rive gauche bourgeoise under a chic blazer…


VI/ Tuck your suit in your boots

There are all kind of tucking in boots going on at the moment and apparently still will be next season.

Suit up combat style with flat boots and androgynous T-shirt.

Each and other

Or fancy western with heeled santiags…

Brandon Maxwell

VII/ Match your lipstick to an outfit detail

Matte lips with soft leather…

Jil Sander

Shiny lips with velvet…

Marc Jacobs

VIII/ Revisit historical fashion

Those demand a bit of shopping.

Frock and culottes in the spirit of 17e menswear…

Ann Demeulemeester

A minimalist take on frock…

Haider Aickermann

Medieval princess…


Medieval priestress…


Lost in time hangover medieval princess…


IX/ Misceallenous trends

Those may not be the easiest to copy but I loved them and had to share

There is a trend of matching printed clothes and accessories that requires buying the whole outfit in the same place: clever marketing guys.

Floral tapestry allover with frock and matching boots…

Tory Burch

Floral printed dress, turtleneck, tights and boots (and fierce pose!). I am in awe…

Luisa Beccaria

Half square, half corset neckline for a PERFECT sweater…

Y/ Project

All over wonderful silk print with a turtleneck as a base…

Christophe Lemaire

Can we talk about how perfect the Lemaire show was? From the model’s cast to every damn single clothes. This is the most perfect show of the season. Take a look!

X/ Catwalks gazette

The models have sometimes been walking together like at Chanel or Marc Jacobs.

Larger models and older models (not the two combined … except at Lemaire) where present of many shows. Although there was often “just the one” in the cast, it becomes normalized.

As you have maybe noticed looking at this recap there were many models with natural afro hair.

Statement earrings are still everywhere. Muscle your lobes or buy big but light ones.

And you? Which catwalk trend are you willing to adopt? Let me know in the comments below!

10 Responses to “Styling tricks you can learn from AW 2021 fashion shows”
  1. beautiful designs all designs are very attractive we also know the best site for online shopping at shopatladresse

  2. Julie says:

    Hi! Matching lipstick to an outfit detail is so pretty. And it works for those of us of any size or shape.

  3. MABdePARIS says:

    Post tellement dense que je l’ai relu plusieur fois!

    Dans le désordre:
    oui, j’avais aussi remarqué les défilés de Lemaire et aussi de Brandon pour ses coupes et ses alliances de couleurs (je ne connaissais le travail de ce dernier)
    je n’aime pas trop les froufrous, volants et compagnie… ni d’ailleurs les cols aux formes bizarres
    j’adore les cols cheminée, les petits foulards triangulaires glissés sous la chemise
    les tenues mono-imprimées pour le seul plaisir des yeux
    quant aux cravates, je les détourne en ceintures, particulièrement sur mes tenues estivales.

    Continuez de poster svp. Nous avons besoin de petites bulles d’évasion …

  4. v says:


    Pour moi, c’est :
    1 – Le col roulé orné de mon collier … clairement une idée insufflée par Y. Sewell, il y a des années.
    2 – Le veston …enfin !!!
    Je désespérais de ne pas le revoir depuis des années …je sais déja comment je me l’approprierais ( mode easy-cool” reste plus qu’ à trouver le bon !
    3 – Un énorme OUI au col carré ….beaucoup trop rare à mon goût !

    Belle journée …ensoleillée ce jour ( face à l’ambiance sinistre de ces derniers temps).

  5. I love the look of the turtlenecks or scarves in the same colour as the top. So chic!

  6. This is a rough year for those of us who are busty and/or thick in the middle. Turtlenecks, pussy bows, belts, and waist coats emphasize all the wrong things. This reinforces that one should stick to what works best, in a highly personalized way. I’ll play with monochromatic, more pattern on pattern, and if I can find a pair of wild boots in my size, I’m going in that direction.

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      You are very right Gretchen. That’s my ethics as a stylist (as you know :))
      Monochromatic is perfect and, I haven’t mentioned a lot but the square neckline is back and would suit you perfectly.

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