How to wear scarves

Back on my series of “updated basic tips” now is… the scarf! In the midst of a pandemic, let’s try not to catch a cold on top of this, shall we? And while we are talking covid, I suggest you buy yourself a series of black cloth masks. There are plenty on Etsy for instance! […]

Are the French’s outfits in Emily in Paris accurate?

I recently binged  Emily in Paris. As everyone apparently. It both entertained and annoyed me at the same time. Everything is SO CLICHE. Yet fun, I can’t deny! Anyways, let’s focus on the costumes. Not Emily’s, but the french women in the show. Is this really what french women would wear in real life? My […]

Summer staples you can wear in autum

I/ Dresses, skirts and jumpsuits Unless the look of the dress really is too summery (like a super thin cotton or linen), there are many flowy summer dresses you can transition in autumn and then winter. Silk, viscose and thick cotton work best. You guessed it, the trick is to add layers. It could be […]

How to wear the trench coat?

Back from my summer escapes, I was ready to wander the Parisian streets with my trench coat and umbrella! Alas! it’s 33 degrees outside. Damn global warming, when are we supposed to be stylish now (that and I work better when there’s a cold breeze outside). The hell with the lack of rain, I am […]

The versatility of clothes

In English you can say about a  piece of clothing that it is “versatile”. Which is a practical word we do not have a translation for in French. Therefore I used your word in the french translation of this post ^^ A versatile piece of clothing: can be combined with many clothes can be intrinsically […]

Bathing suit choice and peer pressure

I do not buy a bathing suit each year. Instead, I tend to wait until they surrender because I hate the task of hunting one. You are no stranger to the horrendous spotlights from the stores that create us cellulite in places we would never have guessed. Last time I bought a bathing suit was […]

Trousers to wear in summer

When thinking of summer one spontaneously thinks dresses, skirts and shorts. What about wearing summer trousers? They are so chic and can feel as light as the if you choose them right. Plus they avoid any stickiness in the innertights and that’s another (less glam) benefit. I/ What fabric for summer pants? Cottons, linen and […]

What comfy shoes to wear in summer?

Yesterday my friend Lan Anh and I were discussing the hot topic of summer shoes (amongst talking global warming action, hiking in the woods and problematic police, we are clever girls who ALSO discuss shoes). ANYWAYS, we both are walking A LOT in our Parisian lives. She decided to stop wearing heels while I prefer […]

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