How to wear a (faux) fur coat?

Hello les chatons, I personally recommend to go for faux only. Faux fur are now absolutely gorgeous and can even create effects that could not exist with real fur. How cool is that? Some look just as precious as real ones. I saw a wonderful one at Vanessa Bruno. It looked like a pearly grey […]

When is matchy too matchy?

Now that 2015 is gone (may I say we won’t regret it), we are now looking forward to a bright 2016! BONNE ANNEE! (happy new year <3) For starters, what about keeping dressing better and better without necessarily investing a lot? Therefore, a good resolution would be to keep following my blog and share it around […]

How to wear the jumpsuit for a party?

Soon it’s going to be party time. “Yey!” Which means party outfit! “Yey!” Or “Agaaaain? What on earth am I going to work this time?” Maybe you could try the jumpsuit? Classy and less expected than a dress. Because even if jumpsuits have been trendy since 5 years now, you still do not see them […]

How to wear the black coat without looking boring?

When confronted to the difficult moment of choosing your new coat, lots of us will opt for the classic of classics: the black coat. And regarding the fact that you’ll have to wear it every single day of the winter season and that it will have to match each and every of your outfits that […]

How to wear mini length in winter?

You may think that, as temperature gets colder, the length of the skirts gets longer. Yet the opposite is actually happening for many ladies. Thanks to tights. What is indeed cooler than showing off the beautiful shape of your legs without revealing their real color and texture? Without risk of cellulite display, you can go shorter than […]

How to wear jewels in winter?

As the temperature lowers, the amount of fabric around our bodies grows. Layers pile up, knits get thicker, necks get hidden with collars and scarves, etc. There seem to be no room left for any jewels in winterland and they often are forgotten in seasonals outfits. Which is a shame because jewels can really contribute level […]

How to tell wheter a trend is going to last or to be outdated?

Nowadays, I’d say that fashion world is evolving in to different directions – The industry, replacing one trend by another at a super fast pace. And those who subscribe to this system, replacing their own clothes at an equally fast pace. – People who realize that this system is not viable and try to have a […]

How to wear the cardigan?

I agree with some of you here, “cardigan” does not sound like the most exciting piece of clothing in the wardrobe. But it is a fashionable way to be warm while remaining stylish. Because it covers the shoulder, back and arms while revealing the layers underneath. 1. How to choose them? Just like a sweater/jumper cardigans come […]

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