How to wear horizontal stripes like Sonia

Yesterday one of my favorite designers passed away. Daring, feminist, cheeky and parisienne to the tip of her fingernail (as you say in french), Sonia Rykiel created a fashion that resembled her.

When I walk in Paris wearing my tight little striped sweater, I feel like I belong to her gang of women who can do whatever they wanna do, laugh or dance on the catwalk if they feel like it.

So today, I want to dedicate a post to her iconic stripes!

You can wear them as a top, a dress, a bottom or accessories 🙂

  1. Rainbow stripes

With black inside if you want to do to the classic Sonia. She once said that “black is a color because it makes every other color look colorful” or without!

s rykiel H et M

You can match it with black clothes as in this Sonia Rykiel advertising campaign

rainbow doudou

Or like this woman does with her fluffy coat

F hardy rykiel Elle

With a matching color like Françoise Hardy on this old Elle cover from the seventies.

rainbox stripes rkyiel 2016

Or with accessories that match one or two stripes ^^

Rayure multico the sartorialist

With a neutral color. On this picture taken by the sartorialist it is even matching.

A Chung

Or with a less neutral color like Alexa Chung because as everyone knows, all of the colors of the rainbow together equal white ^^ Look at me dealing with this here.

If you do not feel completely confident you can start with just a bit of rainbow.

cherry blossom girl

Just like Alix with her rainbow matching accessories.

2. Two colors stripes

s Rykiel spring 2010

Works very well with a third color as seen in the 2010 Rykiel show. Which can be a neutral or not.

rayure chaussette rykiel 2016

In the last Rykiel lookbook, socks match both the sandals and the lining of the navy blue coat.

The iconic breton striped top has inspired many designers.

Marinière rykiel 2015

Here Sonia Rykiel added a third color: silver!

When chosen in black and white or navy and black, the breton stripes match… pretty much everything! A plain color for instance.

Marinère gros pantalon lulla blog net

Like in this “titi parisienne” outfit by Lulla

marinière jupe jaune

Or with this cute duckling shade.

Or in this outfit where I had mixed peacock blue sequins, brown tartan and leopard with my breton top (yes, all of that).

3. Textured stripes.

Which can be the same color. But not necessarily.

  • Transparent

Rayure tricot rykiel

Very see-through stripes and all the codes from Rykiel (the hair, the striped, the knit) in this catwalk look.

Though if you try it on yourself I recommend pairing your transparent striped top to a decent bottom instead of matching your hair with your panties. (For instance imagine the above high waisted pants from Lulla with a striped black on transparent black top). But hey, your choice ^^

Rayure froufrou Rykiel

Ouh, flounced stripes <3

Rayure semi transparente

  • Shiny

Every texture of shiny!

Rayures brillantes rykiel

Gold leather at Rykiel.

Sonia Rykiel sequins stripes 2016

Big sequins in 2016

And you? Do you feel like “une femme Rykiel”?

Cover picture: Lookbook Rykiel 2016, Morning by Foley

3 Responses to “How to wear horizontal stripes like Sonia”
  1. MaupassantKindaCrazy says:

    Dear Aloïs Guinut,

    Hope you’re well, in good health and cheer. I’m quite a new reader, think I jumped onto the bandwagon last month or so.
    I love, love, love your blog. You’re just so organized and detailed with your look makers that the images just feel like a bonus.

    I’m here to make a request. Actually, three. Hope it ain’t much.
    Could you please do posts on how to dress like Audrey Hepburn (putting together classics and me but better kind of make-up), Marilyn Monroe (I dress to go home with you after a date), and Veronica lake (femme-fatale from the 40s)? I am going through a phase where I want to mimic such icons and look like myself.
    Thanks for reading.
    Sending love,

  2. Aloïs Guinut says:

    I fixed the article but it deleted the comments. Sorry Skye, Justine and Smith

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