How to be sexy without beeing tacky?

Depending of our mood, we dress to feel confident, to feel pretty, to feel good, to feel powerful, etc. And sometimes, we dress to feel sexy, to seduce other men or women. What is being sexy? To answer that I’ll begin with what is NOT being sexy. At least to my eyes. – to disguise […]

New years eve makeup inspirations

Even if the french girl, and even more the parisian girl, says new year’s eve is the WORST “soirée” of the year and that they are just going to watch a movie hidden in their bed sipping a glass of wine, they actually always end up going to some kind of party and even some […]

Why I don’t believe in the three colors rule

Popular opinion has a lot to say about fashion. “Red does not suit blondes”, “do not mix black and navy blue together”, “gold and silver don’t match”, and, above all “DO NOT WEAT MORE THAN THREE COLORS IN AN OUTFIT”. “Otherwise you’ll look like a clown or a parrot” (ooouuh frightening). “You talkin’ to me?” […]

How to wear the long skirt in winter?

In winter we are always looking for clothes that are both comfy and warm but chic at the same time. However not a lot of women wear long skirts in winter. And by long I mean super long: the ones that cover at least your ankle. Because despite beeing comfy and warm, they are pretty […]

What shoes when it is freezing?

Grandmas say: you always get cold through the ends (at least in french they say that). And that’s true that nothing is worst than having freezing feets. The problem is that chewbacca looking feet are not the most stylish thing. ” Rhgggghhghgh” Translation: R ya makin fun bout ma feet? So how to keep your […]

How to dress for Christmas Eve?

Dressing for Christmas is rather similar than dressing for a winter wedding. You are also looking for both shine and warmth. Nevertheless, depends on your family, but assuming that a Christmas dinner is less dressy and more cosy than a winter wedding party so I’ll advise you to wear more laid-back outfits. The key thing […]

Bored with jeans! What other pants for winter?

“Hey, don’t you wanna talk winter pants on your blog? I just ALWAYS wear skinny jeans, and am bored with it”, asked my friend Marion the other day. Well, that’s a vast topic… Like ALL pants? Then I gave it a second thought. When wearing pants nowadays, lots of us just go for jeans because […]

How to layer?

In French we use the idiom “dressing like an onion” to say we layer clothes in order to stay warm. Wondering why? Google onion pics. The problem is that no bulb has never been acknowledged as a chic icon. How to be a stylish onion? Let’s find out! Before we begin let’s agree on the […]

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