How to wear oversize?

When you think “oversize” the two first things that come to mind are

– the teenager trying to hide her body with clothes

– the Vogue editorial where the stick thin model looks stunning in oversize outfits

The first one is not inspiring and the second one is hard to transfer on a regular girls body in everyday’s life.

Despite that, oversize can actually look great on you when you know how to master it.

Here are some tricks!

All advices can be used separately or together.

1. Match it with skin-tight

– With an oversize top wear a skin-tight bottom

Oversize knit skinny jeans


– With oversize pants wear a tight top

Oversize pants revealed ankles heels style du monde

Style du monde

2. Reveal some skin

Wrists, ankles, decolletage, etc.

Either all at once or separately.

Oversize sweater decolletage brighton the day blog

Brighton the day

Or legs (also works with tights on)

Oversize sweater mini skirt Rima vaidila found on just the design

Rima Vaidila

3. Wear heels

Especially when trying to pull out the oversize total look as the lady here.

sacramento street boyfriend jeans with heels

Sacramento street

4. Belt

It will reveal your true waist under the oversize clothes

Phillip Lim fall 2014 trench belted

Phillip Lim Fall 2014

5. Structure

– Tuck the top in

large midi skirt oversize knit hey natalie jean

Hey Natalie Jean

You could also wear a tight perfecto jacket on yop of your oversize knit.

6. Be a model

Okay, just teasing you ^^

But only a model tall and thin woman (here Caroline de Maigret) can stylishly pull out the all oversize look without doing any of the 5 above mentioned tricks.

Oversize look Vanessa jackman caroline de Maigret

Caroline de Maigret by Vanessa Jackman


– If you have large hips, avoid oversize pants that will only make them look larger.

– If you are small do not go for all oversize look, you’ll be lost in it. I you go for oversize top, do not choose a long one, that will shorten you. If you go for oversize pants, wear heels.

– If you are busty, do not try to hide under oversize knits, that will end up make you look larger than you are

– If you are plump, be light on the oversize cause it enlarges the figure

And you? Do you dare wearing oversize clothes?

Cover collage: Unknown and Hatch


2 Responses to “How to wear oversize?”
  1. Elke Moder says:

    Hi, I‘d like to know which Brand the pink oversize Pullover from the picture „Brighton the Day“ is?
    Thanks for your answer…

  2. Sarah says:

    I usually wear oversize top OR bottom, as you say never both. And never really too oversize…

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