New years eve makeup inspirations

Even if the french girl, and even more the parisian girl, says new year’s eve is the WORST “soirée” of the year and that they are just going to watch a movie hidden in their bed sipping a glass of wine, they actually always end up going to some kind of party and even some are conformist enough to dress as if it was the 31st ( of december is implied. French idiom), but…oh wait, it is indeed!

And even for that, parisian girls can be rather boring and dress very simply cause dressing for occasion is so overrated…

But well, if, like me, they are just dying to have an occasion to “sortir le grand jeu” (translation “pull out all the stops” sounds weird), they are gonna dress both sexy, fun and chic as I showed you like year in my article how to dress for a party.

And they also are gonna have more fun with their makeup than usual.

So, even if I am no makeup pro, I am gonna give you some tips on how to do a party makeup that is both outstanding and classy.

First what you should avoid:

– too much shine: only one feature of your face shall shine. Lips, eyes, even cheekbones but now more, you are no ice skater.

– do not overdo the shading, the result looks not natural at all, i prefer when makeup is applied in a more delicate way.

– I like color but in a subtle way. Do not use more than one bright color in large amount or you’ll look like a parrot

1. Eyes

A. A liner that rocks

How to apply it?

As regular liner. Then add ONLY mascara. No eyeshadow that would ruin the effect of your graphic line.

You can thicken your brow. So Cara 2014. No more.

– Metallic liner

Metallic liner

What do I wear with it?

A perfect complexion.  Burgundy lips are perfect with gold liner. Bright red or petal pink with silver liner.

No glittery or metallic top with it.

– Hypnotic color

Metallic liner green

What to wear with it?

A perfect complexion as usual.

If you are going for dark cold shades (blue, green), try the second color on the lips.

Burgundy with blue or raspberry with green.

On top, you should not be wearing the same color as your liner.

If you are already wearing two colors on your face, I advise you to go for a neutral top.

– Neon

neon pink liner

What to wear with it?

Perfect and supernatural complexion. No orange please!

Silver looks great with neon either in the earring, the clothes, the accessories or the nails.

Regarding clothes, stick with neutrals or pastels. Be pop!

– Glitter liner

glitter liner cheekmeout

Cheek me out

(do you notice that the eyeshadow she added does not really suit the eyeliner?)

What to wear with it?

No glitters either on the face or in the outfit.

Except for accessories or nailpolish.

The skirt or pants can shine if it is a different kind of shine (no matchy matchy glitz).

B. Smokey eye

cramberry eye

How do you do it?

With tutorials dear 🙂 My fav? Lisa Eldrige who always stays chic.

You can work it with taupe shades just like her. Super chic for everyone, but also with blacks, purples, or deep blues.

Don’t like the bright shade though, I think they make you look like a barbie.

C. What color for your eyes

Everyone can wear everything is usually what I say but when it comes to eye makeup it is true that some shades make your eye color stand out more than others.

Green eyes: try violet liner, purple smokey (avoid green).

Blue eyes: dare gold liner or shades (avoid blue and other cold colors)

Hazelnut eyes: try green or gold liner, taupe, navy blue or purple smokey

Dark eyes: try copper or red liner, neon green and dark or gold smokey eyes.

red liner

2. Lips

A. Glitter lips

red glitter lips

We said it’s party time didn’t we?

How do we do it?

Just put some creamy lipstick and add loose glitter on top either with the finger or with a brush. Tap gently all over the lips.

What to wear it with?

Perfect complexion just a bit of mascara, some eye liner if you want and even a smokey but nothing shiny.

No glitters or lamé as a top. Not to much glitter in your outfit.

B. Statement lips

– Bright red

Pirate chanel

Chanel pirate (one of mines)

With such a bright color, prefer wearing softer colors near your face.

I also advise you to avoid green or gold as a top cause you could look like the Christmas tree.

If your lips are plump, skip the eye makeup (except mascara).

I like the little black dress with this shade, but that is very classic 🙂

– Super dark

dark lips

Very sexy!

It makes pale outfits look more rock, dark outfit look mysterious and glitter outfits look classy.

Gold and silver are just amazing with it either as makeup or outfit.

– Neon

Jil Sander

At Jil Sander

Wear it matte otherwise it is quickly tacky.

Mix with minimal makeup and neutral outfit (no barbie colors in it).

C. What color for me?

Match your lipstick with your outfit but do not bother too much about your complexion.

With a dark outfit: flashy for a color pop or dark for a sophisticated look.

With a pale outfit: a dark color for allure and a flashy one for a funky style

With a shiny outfit: no glitter lipstick

Ready for tomorrow?

Cover collage: Unknow, the cult of style


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