How to dress for a party

Bonjour, bonjour,

It’s soon to be 2014 and I haven’t said a word about how to dress for a party! (And I hope Santa was nice ^^)

Well, when I say party, I do not mean an average party but an over the top party, just like new year’s eve which is tonight!

I guess it’s a little late for that, but hell, I have been in holidays, and you can use those advises for other parties round the year.

So, for me new year’s eve means… a crappy party cause you are expecting too much about it (french and moreover, parisian can be so boring sometimes, we ALWAYS complain about how bad those parties sound, and the less you plan, the cooler you seem). But that not our point today, cause anyway, at the end we are all gonna party and all gonna try to look our best including me of course.

So, up to me, the equation of cool for a parisian girl at a party is = chic+ sexy+ fun

Since this is new year’s eve, we will try to involve lots of black, dark colors and… GLITTERS and let me quote Paris Hilton, great thinker (hum) of our time who says that “some girls are just born with glitters in their veins” because I think I am one of those since I clearly like to be a bit of a show-off… in a parisian understated way.

An understated show-off, think I just created a new concept. Let me explain it. It is very parisian.

Understated show off means:

Sexy= show your body but not everything at once. If you show legs, do not show cleavage. If you wear a scandalous dress, forget heavy make-up, etc.

Fun= for a party fun often lies in the glitters (the Paris Hilton in me talking)  but of COURSE but you are not one of Santa’s elves or a fairy, or a crazy horse dancer. So only one glitter item at once. And yes, makeup, is an “item”.

Chic= well that’s the basis, but we do not want to be the average understated parisian for new year’s eve right, we wanna be an understated show off.

Oh, and we love to dance a lot, so dresses shall not be too long or heels to high.

So let’s start:

  1. Dress

=> reveal the sexyness of your body where it’s not expected

low  back dresses are a must to me

low back dress 2

Gianfranco Ferré

open back dress

Sophie Theallet

For this kind of dress, you should be able not to wear a bra, or wear a strapless one (I heard sticky bras exist)

If you are a bit plump, it is also sexy to reveal your back but the low cut should cover the bra a bit higher than the one below:



showing off skin in unusual places

hysterike dress


unusual cut

Rooney Mara in Michael Kors

Showing off legs

legs dress

If you are a bit more shy go for black tights, they are a perfect match. But then do not forget to put the fun and the sexy elsewhere.

If you have wide hips that you wish to hide then go for a wider skirt like this one.

robe patineuse


– Show a bit of cleavage

Big boobs girls… show a little.

Tiny boobs girls can go Jane Birkin’s style and show it all.

birkin cleavage

2. Glitters

Since I have glitter in my veins, I like to have one glitter elements on me for parties (I SAID ONE)

Glitters can be in:

– Makeup

sequin eyes chanel

Chanel backstage

The sequin chanel makeup is soo easy to master. Makeup glue + sequins or glitters (MAC, Make up for ever, etc).

sparkle eyes only

Karlie Kloss

If you go for the glitter makeup, that is all the glitter you should have on you.

If your eyelid is sparkling, your skin should be naked and your lips not contain an once of sparkle. Never too much stay understated show-off is our motto.

– Shoes <3

miu miu glitter booties

Glitter shoes rock the world, those are Miu Miu’s I wish I had.

– Dress

green sequin dress

multicolor sequin dress

Lovely Pepa

sequin dress 3

nadia boulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn

If you choose to have a glitter dress, the shape should  be plain and not too sexy, you are not Paris Hilton.

Long sleeves and no cleavage are a good choice for example.

Careful of the glitter OVERDOSE:

too much glitter

Above, glitter dress (very pretty BTW), and glitter earrings and glitter ring and glitter bag = TOO MUCH

3. Shoes

Most important, you can dance all night with them and do not look like an injured flamingo.

Middle height wide heels or boots are perfect for that (biker boots are so sexy with a sequin mini dress)

And remember: no heavy front platform with thin heels

Color and fabric are up to you (glitterssss)

chie mihara pumps 2

Chie Mihara pumps

chie mihara pumps

Chie Mihara sandals

patricia blanchet glitter

Patricia Blanchet sandals

Chie Mihara and Patricia Blanchet are two talented women creating shoes for women (hi Manolo, hi Christian, we love your shoes but we also love to dance!)

4. Hair

What some call the je-ne-sais-quoi is certainly related to the fact that french women always seem a bit messy and never to sophisticated.

Have a look at them at Cannes festival!

Magnificent dresses paired with out of the bed hair look… which makes them sexy as hell

messy hair

Maïwenn and Lou Doillon

messy hair cannes

Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos

messy pixie

Audrey Tautou by JF Robert

Try the same on you!Messy bun, messy bob, messy whatever, forget those straighteners

5. Jewels

Less is more! Look at the french actresses again, they barely wear jewels.

Be careful not to ruin your dress with a necklace.

Wear an heavy necklace only if your dress is plain and not shiny or glittery.

statement necklace

Never pair earrings with necklace, this is too much around your pretty face.

Even the beautiful Bianca Balti below cannot handle it.

too much jewels

Bianca Balti

One bracelet is enough.

Plenty of rings could do the trick … but forget the bracelet if you wear those.

See what I mean below? She wear way too much jewels and shine, that is confusing and looks more bling ring than chic.

overdose jewels

When you have an evening dress, the wiser is to set the focus on earrings. Just like below.


Photo: Karen Radkai

And if you want to add a punk twist to your look  go for the earcuff.

Kruger earcuff

Diane Kruger with Gaia Repossi earcuff

6. Makeup

If you do not wanna try the glitter makeup.

Burgundy lips are always a must of glamour. Pair with smoky eyes or just mascara.

burgundy lips

Makeup at Gucci

Smoky eyes are always a must of sexy. Pair with sultry lips or nothing else.

smoky eyes

Makeup BB Dakota

Graphic eyeliner is <3

cat eye

Barbara Palvin by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar

You can also bring a purse, but come on, you do not dance with that do you?

I’ll be happy to answer any other questions!

Bisous de Paris et bonne année!

glitterssss love


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    Hey, your blog is brilliant! Please do a wardrobe staples

  2. Sara says:

    I love your blog and will contact you if I get to Paris this year. Please write more frequently . Your blog is amazing.

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