How to wear heels

When it comes to heels many thinks that: – for the evening the higher is the better – for the day 5 inches is way to much Both are untrue. When it comes to heels, the first things you should focuss on are the arch and the width of the heel. The arch: A 5 […]

Where to shop in Paris

I think having unusual jewellery, makes you unique. At Hod rue vieille du temple, the jewel selection is very bohemian chic. In their shop, gold can look handmade and be worn next to a simple wowen bracelet. A glimpse of what you can find inside… Jacquie Aiche, gold. Lito, Gold coating Tom Binns, Swarovski cristals […]

How to wear the trench

À la mi-saison, le nombre de femme et d’homme portant un trench est impressionnant. Un certain conformisme français? Ou une manière d’affirmer sa singularité par le choix d’une pièce certes connue mais unique en soi? J’opte pour la deuxième option. Pour moi, porter un basique, c’est se l’approprier et c’est pour cela qu’il est primordial […]

Style icone: Anna Karina

The so parisian Anna Karina is born in Danemark but has lived in Paris since she moved there at the age of seventeen. Proof that being parisian is not related to where you are born. After being the muse of Jean-Luc Godard’s movies, she played in lots of famous directors movies and remains an icon […]