Style icone: Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte is the incarnation of french glamour: innocent and sultry at the same time. Her style is so modern it can still inspire us today How to dress like BB? 1. Walk lightly BB is the first one who wore ballerinas in the city. The result is a bouncing allure. So ladylike! If you want […]

What to wear in Paris

Your plane and your hostel are booked and you cannot wait to be in Paris. But there is one last thing you have to do: PACKING. How to dress for Paris when you know you will be walking all day long au soleil, sous la pluie à midi ou à minuit? Here are my advices: […]

How to wear jewels

Are diamonds a girl’s best friend? Could be but before I turn blond, I’ll stick with less expensive jewels in general to shine. After all, Coco Chanel herself wore fake. 1. Choose your jewels according to your outfit a. With a complicated outfit stay simple If you have a dress/ top/ jacket that stands out […]

Why accessories are important

Hello Mesdames, Today I want to show you how important accessories are. They can completely transform an outfit. To highlight that, I created some looks that all contain jean and a white T-shirt and gave them different attitudes using only accessories. Such as shoes, jewels, scarves, bags and makeup 1. Rock Rock girl in jeans […]

How to dress for a wedding

Dear you, Miss Alwayswelldressed and Mister Sochic have the pleasure to invite you to their wedding. First reaction: “Yey! Wedding! Party! Wohooo!” Second reaction: “OMG, OMG, what the hell am I gonna weaaaaar?” Keep cool and stay tuned, I am gonna help you solve that tremendous problem. 1. Follow the dresscode First thing first, is […]

How to wear flats

Bonjour Mesdames, After my “how to wear heels“, I had many reader’s requests asking me how to wear flats. So here are my tips about the subject. There are three main types of flat shoes that depend of their height (not the height of the heel, they are flats ^^) on the leg. – Beneath […]

How to avoid superfluous details

Hello Mesdames! You may have noticed that some pieces of your wardrobe are really complicated to combine with others. Two explanations for that: – they are very interesting and stylish pieces that are self sufficient and that you should combine with basics (if you are not an accomplished fashionista yet) – they contain what I […]

How to match colors

A successful look often results from a successful color mix. But when we look at aaaaaall the colors available in stores, some of us can get a little confused and opt for a raven like look in order not to make any mistakes. Let’s have a little mixing lesson. Careful, you might become a color […]

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