How cooking can inspire your personal style (and vice versa)

Yesterday, I transformed myself into a cooking chef for an event called restaurant day where everyone can open his pop-up restaurant just for one day. My friends from Révélateur design aconceived a fun concept where everyone could take part into the final part of the cooking and interact with the other guests while doing so. […]

How to wear the sweater at the office?

Yes cause, even if now fashion week spring/summer 2015 is in ALL the magazines, IRL (in real life) it is still super cold. And, even if we secretly wish we could stay hidden under our quilts all day long, IRL (L is a bitch), most of us have to go to work every day. And […]

Are stylish socks a thing?

Most days, the choice of the socks is like “let’s seee, what is left in my socks drawer?” “Ooooooh, a pair of hello kitty socks/black socks-with-a-little-hole-on-the-heel /grey and beige mismatched socks, but doesn’t matter it no one will notice won’t they?” Indeed, if the socks remains well hidden in your shoes no one will notice […]

What fashion for my age?

Lately I have been asked by a few readers and clients to do a post about how to dress when you are older. And I have been postponing and postponing the writing. Why is that? First because, the women who asked the question have different ages. Some are 50, some are 60 or more and […]

What kind of handbags should I own?

How many bags do you own? (the ones under you eyes don’t enter the counting). Probably more than one. Maybe more than 15, if you were part of the bag addict group that fashion marketers had the brilliant idea to create in the early 2000’s. At that point they decided that the bag was not […]

How to be sexy without beeing tacky?

Depending of our mood, we dress to feel confident, to feel pretty, to feel good, to feel powerful, etc. And sometimes, we dress to feel sexy, to seduce other men or women. What is being sexy? To answer that I’ll begin with what is NOT being sexy. At least to my eyes. – to disguise […]

New years eve makeup inspirations

Even if the french girl, and even more the parisian girl, says new year’s eve is the WORST “soirée” of the year and that they are just going to watch a movie hidden in their bed sipping a glass of wine, they actually always end up going to some kind of party and even some […]

Why I don’t believe in the three colors rule

Popular opinion has a lot to say about fashion. “Red does not suit blondes”, “do not mix black and navy blue together”, “gold and silver don’t match”, and, above all “DO NOT WEAT MORE THAN THREE COLORS IN AN OUTFIT”. “Otherwise you’ll look like a clown or a parrot” (ooouuh frightening). “You talkin’ to me?” […]

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