How to dress for a spring wedding?

After “how to dress for a wedding” and “how to dress for a winter wedding” here is… how to dress for a spring wedding!

As you guess, the main problem is that, though sun is here, it is still chilly.

So how to cover in a stylish way?

I- Cover your shoulders

At weddings, lots of women, wear a shawl on their shoulders. I advise you not to do that. First because that is not warm enough for spring and second, because I think it is a bit old school.

And there are plenty of alternatives!

You can wear the following with everything from dress, pants, shorts and jumpsuits.

A. Blazers or tuxedos

I love the boyish twist that the blazer brings to a dress-up look.

But you could also end looking like an older politician.

To avoid that, here are my tips:

– choose straight cuts that are not too cinched (“horse-riding style”)

– prefer fluid fabrics that won’t add “i-come-from-the-office stiffness to your party outfit

– OR choose a sixties style straight dress

– no shoulder padding unless you make it look glam like Balmain’s

– avoid dull coton. Especially if black, grey or brown.

– choose a simple or geometric cut

– do not overload with details

Go for:



– silk, linen, high quality cotton, etc.

colors and/or prints

marylins closet

Marylin’s closet

black and neutrals are good choices when chosen in beautiful fabrics

B. Casual with a twist: bombers, leathers jackets, etc

This kind of item breaks the classicism of a wedding outfit and don’t look like they do not belong to a wedding ceremony if you choose them with an appropriate fabric/ print/ color.

LOvely pepa flower bomber

Lovely Pepa

allthings elegant tumblr

All things elegant tumblr

If the wedding style allows it, you can even playfully add a jean or a leather jacket to your outfit.


La mariée en colère

C. Kimonos

Fluid and often printed with beautiful pattern, kimonos are the modern alternative to shawls.

leanne barlow

Leanne Barlow

If you wear it with relaxed items or choose it with fringes, it will be perfect for a boho wedding.

D. Summer coats

Longer than the above stated jackets, they are lighter than  winter coats

Very chic, I recommend you to wear them sixties inspired (almost no buttons, not or structured collar, straight or A-line shape).

tara jarmon 2

Tara Jarmon

E. Sequined blazers

Almost disco, they often look more like they belong to a dancing party than to a wedding.

But if you choose them in soft shades (gold, silver, white, blue, etc) and mix them with fresh outfits, they can be perfect for a wedding.

seams for a desire mint sequins jacket

Seams for a desire

II- Cover your legs

A.  Pants

Pants are often forgotten as suitable options for a wedding.

But they look great and will make you stand out!

Large, straight, fluid, 7/8, you have plenty of options. Just stick to a beautiful fabric that look nor to “office” nor too casual.

maritsa co lolobu

For most weddings, I recommend you too avoid slim pants that look too casual.

But for a cooler ceremony, you can pick skinnies with a nice print (flowers) or color (gold) and mix them with a pale blazer for a chic and modern look.



B. Jumpsuits

Cool alternative to dresses.

hello fashion blog

Hello Fashion blog

C. Long skirts

If you are slender, go for it.

Boho, princess or minimal, you can style it in many different ways, depending of your personality.

I recommend you to pair it with flat shoes like ballerinas or sandals. You’ll be more confortable to walk and dance.

silk maxi skirt etsy

Silk maxi skirt

Tareza silk blend maxi skirt net à porter

Tareza silk maxi skirt on Net à porter

D. Long dress

Of course.

the reformation

The reformation

E. Tights

I do not know why, I am not a big fan of tights for a spring wedding.
But, ok, if you are cold, it is nicer to wear some.

Skip the black opaque tights and prefer black transparent tights.

Even nude are ok that day as long as they really look like they are your real skin (not too shiny, too opaque, too tanned or too pale).

Try the nude fishnets, they really are legs embellishers.

Delicately patterned or colored tights can also be an option.

Giambatista Valli spring 2015

Giambatista Valli spring 2015

F. Bare legs

If you are warm on top, you can go for bare legs can you?

III- Complementary tricks

A. Wear a scarf

Not as a shawl but as a scarf.

There are plenty of light and colored scarfs that will perfectly match the above stated items.

Delicate distorsion

Delicate distorsion

B. Bring extra layers

That will prevent you from wearing the old sweater that was in your truck cause you have nothing else.

For instance you could pack a fluid cotton or cashmere sweater and wear it between your dress/top and the coat/blazer.

C. Wear some socks/ tights inside your socks

See picture above.

D. Choose rather closed shoes

Ballerinas and pumps are much warmer than sandals.

If the wedding is really cool, you can even dare low boots.

IV- Drink champagne, dance and laugh

And you’ll feel just fabulous and comfy!

Hope I got you inspired!

Cover collage: Inconnu, M loves M

11 Responses to “How to dress for a spring wedding?”
  1. Hélène says:

    Bonjour j’adore les deux premières robes avec les oiseaux et la robe en soie bleue et blanche. Auriez-vous les références svp?

  2. ROMA says:

    Bonjour je cherche une idée de tenu pour ma fille de presque 15 ans , pour un mariage 30 avril , Les vestes « casual » revisitées chic me paraissent une bonne solution : auriez vous des suggestions d’adresse pour une veste un dans le genre de la photo que vous avez poste avec un joli imprimé ? merci beaucoup votre article m’a beaucoup intéressée

  3. Charlotte Archambault says:

    Bonjour seriez-vous capable de me renseigner je souhaiterais acquérir la robe blanche avec les oiseaux ainsi qu’une veste blanche et escarpins bleu une tenue idéale pour moi pour un mariage en fin avril.
    Le problème c’est que après maintes et maintes recherche ne trouve pas du tout cette robe
    Bonne soiree

  4. chatelain says:

    Je trouve la veste à sequins verte sublime!!!
    Pourriez-vous m’aider, où puis-je la trouver? Chez Tara Jarmon?
    Je ne la trouve nul part…
    merci beaucoup ! 🙂

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Ahlala. Je n’en ai pas la moindre idée. Je vous invite à faire des recherches google/ google images et à aller voir sur le site de seams of desire si elle n’a pas donné la marque de sa trouvaille.

  5. Camila says:

    Can you do a post on dressing for the the airport? I am having a hard time figuring out how to be comfortable for long flights but still looking presentable once I get out of the airport. Thanks, love your blog 🙂

  6. V says:


    Quel joli thème !!!! Le chapitre sur les “vestes/ blazers” fait écho a 2 de mes achats qui correspondent en tout point a ce qui est cité : couleur, forme … J aime décliner mes pieces a l’infini mais je n’avais pas réellement pense a le faire pour un mariage. Ce sera chose faite désormais.

    Bonne journée

  7. cécile says:

    Merci merci merci ! J’ai deux mariages ce printemps et ton billet va grandement m’aider. Je crois que je vais investir dans la veste blanche en lin. Pour les gambettes, je vais éviter les collants (tant pis, je vais me cailler) car j’ai des chaussures ouvertes et je ne sais pas pourquoi mais je ne trouve pas ça super heureux les orteils apparents à travers les collants.

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