When do clothes get “worn out”?

Every woman aiming to create an “eco responsible” wardrobe would like to wear her clothes until their “textile death”. Yet, the path to virtuous fashion consumption is full of pitfalls. Sometimes we get bored of a piece of clothing that looks perfectly new, and sometimes we keep clothes way past their best use date. 1/ When […]

How to wear fishnet tights?

Two years ago I spotted red fishnet tights on the shelves of my Monoprix (when in France, check this shop, it may look like a supermarket, but is french women’s best kept secret). Good find, that’s exactly the kind of fashionable gadget that’ll upgrade an outfit easily! If you are scared of fishnets (maybe you’re […]

How to wear linen?

And why? Because linen is the most ecological fiber that exists: 80% of it is produced in Europe and France is the first producer in the world (ok I am promoting french trade here, greetings US readers, plant your own crops!) it requires very little water (normandy’s rain is just enough) it requires little to […]

How to wear orange?

The good thing about my editorial choice to have boring yet practical post titles is that I do not get to search for silly jokes like “orange is the new black” or “how to look juicy in orange”. You’ll learn all of that nonetheless by reading the following colorspiration I gathered for you. First of all, […]

What to shop in a thrift store?

Hello les filles, Last week-end I styled two young ladies with limited budget so to make the most of it we went to some thrift stores (amongst others). They always are kind of a mess with the clothes coming out from everywhere, the tiny aisle, the unidentified smell, somewhere in between musty and sanitizer… I must […]

Floral prints and how to wear them

How to wear floral prints? The question seems to come back as surely as spring will sprung. This season, the collections have been especially blossoming. Liberty here, huge embroidered roses there, flowers everywhere! But in the parisian streets they are more tulips planted in the garden of the Luxembourg than on parisiennes themselves. Maybe because […]

To tuck or not to tuck your tops?

This is the question ma chère. And I am there to answer it. I/ Do tuck A/ With high waisted bottoms 1. Bodytype The tucking looks super nice when you have a thin waist compared to your hips. If you have an allover round belly (apple shape) or if you are a square shape, tucking […]

Fashion week inspiration: Paris

This fashion month finish beautifully in Paris with heterogeneous runways. From couture allure to easy to wear silhouettes. Here are some of my crushes 1/ Ultra subtle shades gradation A variation of the monochrome trend that has been on since two seasons. I literally fell in love with Nina Ricci’s collection by Guillaume Henry which colors and shapes […]

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