How to wear fishnet tights?

Two years ago I spotted red fishnet tights on the shelves of my Monoprix (when in France, check this shop, it may look like a supermarket, but is french women’s best kept secret).

Good find, that’s exactly the kind of fashionable gadget that’ll upgrade an outfit easily!

If you are scared of fishnets (maybe you’re a mermaid?), begin with just an hint on the ankles and when you feel comfortable, go higher (or not).

To never look tacky, it is all about the attitude. You can wear a leather mini skirt, heeled booties and fishnets together whilst keeping it classy. The trick is too choose each piece wisely (not too tight, not too platform, no Kardashian like makeup…this kind of things).

Size of the fishnet? Doesn’t matter. Even so the thinner the easier to wear, especially if you are not a small size. But the thicker the more attention you’ll get.

Fishnet is amazing for those who want to give some more body to stick thin legs.

Color? I’ll say, all of them except neons and bolds, too “emo 2005”.

Reds and pastels, close from the skin’s colors are very delicate, black is a perfect classic and nude magnifies whilst remaining discreet.

1/ Fishnet ankles

Easy one!

Here they are! my red fishnets worn with my retro heels under a contrasting rolled Levis. 

Here contrasting with a skater’s style

Large fishnet in conceptual pumps

Low fishnet socks in Gucci loafers, a gimmick that was spotted a lot at fashion weeks

2/ Fishnet calves

In a retro mood with an ankle length skirt. Wear this one with an oversize sweater to “break the look” or with a belted blazer to play it total vintage pinup. 

3/ Fishnet knees

There where a lot of ripped jeans with sight on fishnet knees to be seen on social networks lately.

“Bof, bof”, I am not convinced honestly.

Make your own mind: here and there


4/ Fishnet tights

Small fishnet is easy to wear. Oversize ones are easier when you are tiny like Lily Rose.

Vanessa Jackman captured the beautiful Evangelie in nude almost invisible fishnet tights, a vinyl mini skirt and a chunky sweater. 

With such cool sophisticated fabric such as this wool skirt and python leather boots, wearing fishnets do not look tacky. 

4/ Fishnet belly

Erm. Ok. If you want to play it like you were in the nineties.

Way not with a jean or a rock and roll mini skirt and a cropped T-shirt.

But hey, 99% of the girls who do this on instagram pull their top up in order to reveal their belly which makes the trick difficult to replicate IRL.

5/ Fishnet arms

If you were a french highshooler in the early 2000, you most certainly cut your tights at the crop in order to create yourself an extra tight fancy top.

Good news, you can use your skills to create yourself fishnet arms. Wear them grunge style under an oversize T-shirt. Do not straighten your hair, wear lots of goth eyeshadow and neon jewelry… or you’ll end up looking like Avril Lavigne.

6/ Shopping selection 

And you? Ready to wear fishnet? 

8 Responses to “How to wear fishnet tights?”
  1. Jasmine M says:

    I love the way red fishnet tights look. I especially like the mini skirt and chunky sweater paired with the fishnet tights as you’ve mentioned above. It’s such a simple look, but the fishnet tights make the outfit kind of edgy.

  2. Angie says:

    When I have worn fishnets, my toes feel like they are poking through the holes in the stockings and it bugs me. Is there a way to cushion the toes so that it feels comfortable to wear these? Thanks!

  3. The last photo of a girl wearing a fishnet tight with her skirt and boots look so chic. She looks so effortless but elegant! I can never wear a fishnet tight. But a thick tight with a skirt or a dress is definitely my style. 🙂

    With ♥ From Marj At,
    Paris Chic Style

  4. Anna says:

    Could you do an article about how to wear tights in the warmer months? I like wearing shorter dresses, but for modesty and my personal preference I like wearing tights with them. With the summer coming I’m not sure if it will look appropriate.
    I was also thinking of trying the short with tights look (sometimes it’s cold at my new job and I don’t want to wear jeans everyday) but I’m not sure how to make them work.
    I like patterned tights, but sometimes bold colors and designs scare me away. 🙂

  5. This is right on time since I read the blog post of Pandora Sykes and it made me want to try fishnet but I wasn’t sure what I could pull. I was even in Calzedonia today and looked at all the fishnet tights, and then I come home and see this post.

    I think nude fishnet is what I need.

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