Styling tricks you can learn from AW 21 fashion shows – part 2

Bonjour quarantined readers!

After two days of binging everything there was to read about Covid-19 but also Spanish flu and the Plague epidemics, which actually soothed me (I mean humanity got back from worst than what we are experiencing!), I am back here to provide non-epidemic related contents.

I will focus on fashion tips you can directly apply when being stuck home.

Today is the second part of my (already very dense) fashion week post.

This time about the color combinations you can reproduce.

If you do not own the same pieces as in the show (unlikely), remember that a color combination can be made of everything. Red and lilac together can mean:

  • red shoes with lilac sweater (+ neutral color)
  • red lips and lilac eyes
  • red top and lilac skirt
  • red nails and lilac blouse
  • etc…

And you can even apply the inspiration to your house! How about a lively boudoir atmosphere with a lilac wall and a red armchair? Or a bouquet with lilacs and locally grown roses?

Here are the best color combinations I spotted during the last shows.

I/ Lilac

  • Red and lilac

Did I mention this one?


  • Lilac and caramel

I can sooo imagine this as home decor too <3


  • Acid yellow and lilac

Miu Miu

  • Glazed chestnut and lilac

Stella Mac Cartney

  • Cognac and lilac


II/ Caramels

  • Dark caramel and lavender


  • Tawny and red


  • Off-white and tan

Jil Sander

  • Steel blue and bronze

Can’t get over so much gorgeousness. I am sure 2020 Cleopatra would look like this.

Miu Miu

  • Gold and brown

Salvatore Ferragamo

  • Blue and caramel

Stella Mac Cartney

III/ Grey and silver

  • Grey and tawny

I did my mea culpa on why brown and grey CAN actually work together when you pick the right shades in my last newsletter. If you want to receive march newsletter please subscribe <3


  • Creamy yellow and grey


  • Baby pink and dove grey

Saint Laurent

  • Black and silver

Edgy… and great if you have overdosed gold in the past years.


  • Blue jeans and silver

And white… how eighties!

Lutz Huelle

  • Moussy green and silver

Who would have thought this combination would be this gorgeous?

Miu Miu

IV/ Soft hues

  • Pale yellow and pale orange

Yummy sorbets

Miu Miu

  • Brown and dusty pink

And the matte on the shine… the masculine on the feminine: perfect outfit

Miu Miu

  • Spring colors and biker black

Love the soft and tough combinations

Jil Sander

V/ Beiges

  • Beige and navy blue


  • Black and camel

The chicest combination


VI/ Greens 

  • Moussy green and off-white

Pretty much all colors work with off-white, but this combination is especially pretty

Brandon Maxwell (loved his easy styling and color combinations)

  • Olive green and crisp white

Brandon Maxwell

VII/ Vibrant colors

  • Eggplant and shocking pink

Lutz Huell

  • Ultraviolet and pumpkin

Saint Laurent

And you? What are you favorite combinations amongst those? 

Join me on instagram! Each day a quarantine inspiration to wear your clothes in a different way. Bisous!

9 Responses to “Styling tricks you can learn from AW 21 fashion shows – part 2”
  1. Carol says:

    Hi Aloïs:

    I love your post, all those colors are great, lilac/red my favorite one, brown /pink also nice.
    Great inspiration, great post!

  2. Vivien says:

    My favourites are silver with black (I have seen far too much gold the last years!) and moss green with silver. And I adore the styling of the Miu Miu models!
    The Celine Outfit speaks to me in every piece – finally this is a not too warm camel! All tones beige are very, very tricky if you have very pale skin like me, and a cool colour tonality. But not this one!

  3. Juhi says:

    That creamy yellow blouse! I have been hunting for that color in less rarefied brands than Givenchy with zero success … mostly they seem to have warmer toned yellows instead

  4. I love the green/cream combos, and have always adored creamy yellow with gray. The lilac and red or pumpkin is a surprise, but I rather like it. Lavender and brown is definitely a nice combo for interiords.

    Looking forward to seeing more on COVID-19 friendly fashion! I’m working from home, so waist-up needs to look professional for telehealth, but of course I might be in my yoga pants!

  5. MABdePARIS says:

    Quand j’ai lu la phrase “Je me suis cette fois ci focalisée sur les associations de couleurs.”, je me suis dis: SUPER!

    Rien que les intitulés de couleurs
    Marron froid et rose passé
    Lemon curd et gris
    Terracotta et crème
    Caramel foncé et lavande
    lancent notre imagination visuelle et nous la confrontons aux propositions des défilés.

    Merci, Alois

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