How to wear my statement necklace?

Client’s question: “Whao this necklace is amazing, I love it, but how the hell am I gonna wear that?” A question often asked by my clients when I point out some very eccentric jewel in a shop. As I explained in that previous post on why accessories are important, it is pretty simple, you just […]

How to wear my orange leather skirt?

Hello, Sometime you see crazy items in shops, like, let’s say an orange leather skirt at American Apparel, and you do not buy them cause you think they are impossible to wear. So today I’ll show you there are lots of ways to wear something as unusual as an orange leather skirt. And not on […]

Autumn in Le Marais

Today I did a photoshoot with my friend Roman in Le Marais and thought I’ll share this automnal outfit with you. Obviously slighty stressed about the camera 🙂 I chose to wear lots of autumnal colors together! Bordeaux boots  + Petrol blue wool skirt + mustard cashmere + golden camouflage scarf completed with a neutral […]

How to wear my sneakers at the office without looking too casual?

Reader’s question: “How to wear my new balance sneakers at the office without being too casual? Even though I work in a cool activity field but I have to stay put.” My answer: To wear your sneakers at the office, you should mix them with classy items. A blouse, a blazer or a pencil skirt, […]

How to wear mustard yellow?

Hello yellow! Reader’s request: Today someone googled “how to wear mustard yellow” and landed on my blog so I decided to answer her. My answer: Mustard yellow is not as hard to wear that it might seem and it is a very chic color that often comes back with autumn (probably to match the falling […]

How to wear brogues and derbies?

Google request : “How to wear brogues?” My answer: Brogues (and derbies) are borrowed from men’s closet at first. But, with their ankle revealing low cut, they are actually rather feminine. You could wear them with: – 7/8 or cigarette pants (either reveal your ankle or choose a shape that is close to it) – […]

How can I wear coloured tights and still look like an adult?

I have had many new people visiting the blog today because someone on Reddit (hello there!) was wondering how she could wear coloured tights and still look like an adult. Even though my previous post on tights helps to figure it out, I decided to write a post dedicated to that specific question and to […]

How to wear skinny red pants

Reader’s questions: “I bought skinny red pants I love but I always wear them the same way… with a black blouse and black shoes” My answer: Colored pants are not easy to match and neither is red because it is one of the brighter colors, so the first thing that comes to mind is black […]

How to wear my yellow raincoat?

Two weeks ago, as it was pouring rain on the Atlantic coast, I found shelter in a Petit Bateau shop… into where I purchased the cutest yellow raincoat. But back in Paris, I felt a bit stupid as I quickly figured out it was not that easy to style it! You can break its seaside […]

How to wear my holographic flats?

Reader’s question: “Hello, two weeks ago, I did a rather stupid purchase: holographic skate shoes that look great on my shelf but that I have no clue how to wear. I am 25 and petite”. My answer: The holographic fabric on a skate shoe has a very strong identity that excludes indeed a lot of […]

Can I wear a white dress with black tights

Reader’s question: can I wear a white dress with black tights? My answer: Most of the times, the white dress/ black tights mix is not very successful because the white dress looks too summerish and the black tight look too winterish (are those proper english words or did I just made that up? Probably made […]