How to wear my statement necklace?

Client’s question: “Whao this necklace is amazing, I love it, but how the hell am I gonna wear that?”

A question often asked by my clients when I point out some very eccentric jewel in a shop.

As I explained in that previous post on why accessories are important, it is pretty simple, you just have to pair it with basics and here go go! Effortlessly stylish 🙂

Or you can play it a little more risky and pair the rest of your outfit with the aforementioned jewel.

So today, I gave myself a little challenge and created outfits with this statement necklace from Bimba y Lola.

1. Casual outfit with statement necklace


Multicolored chunky necklace outfit
Multicolored chunky necklace outfit
For this first outfit, I picked the basicest basics for the base (whooo): raw jeans + white T-shirt.
This way, the necklace is really the star of your outfit.
Then I added a wool tailored blazer to add some warmth, still in a basic color, and a gold (basic) ring to dress up the hand.
To bring other color pops to the outfit I chose yellow low boots, a coral nailpolish and a lilac bag, all matching the necklace’s colors.
By the way, this necklace itself is a proof that no such thing as three colors rules exists in fashion as I explained in my how to match colors article.

2. Business casual outfit with statement necklace

Multicolored chunky necklace outfit 2
Multicolored chunky necklace outfit 2 by dresslikeaparisian
Again, I picked a neutral gray, so that we can see all the beautiful colors of the necklace as if you were drawing on a blank canvas.
Without the jewel, this jumper dress would look very minimalist (which is also cool). To dress it up and elongate the figure I paired it with some chic high-heeled knee-high boots.
For outerwear, I completed the look with a boyfriend navy coat (neutral color), a black beanie (neutral color) and green gloves that match the necklace (yes there is ONE green pearl there and that’s enough to call it a match).

3. Classic office outfit with statement necklace

Multicolored chunky necklace outfit 3
Multicolored chunky necklace outfit 3 by dresslikeaparisian
Wearing an eccentric necklace at the office IS possible if you keep the rest of your outfit understated.
That why I chose the most classic business clothing shapes. Slippers (from Repetto <3), tailored trousers which colors look nice with the necklace, a V neck black jumper so that we actually see the necklace and a black ladylike bag.

4. Chic dinner outfit with statement necklace

Multicolored chunky necklace outfit 4
Multicolored chunky necklace outfit 4 by dresslikeaparisian
A chic dinner is a good reason to take your statement necklace out.
Again, I picked black as the blank canvas (dress and shoes).
I added a printed clutch in neutral colors, and a pop of lilac (necklace matching) color on the nails to add some dimension to the outfit.
The outerwear consists in a fluid yellow trench in a hue that is close to the one of the necklace.

I also recommend you to have a look at this video made by french blogger Timai of Joyce – the most stylish elderly lady ever – talking about her jewel style.

And you? Do you have great statement necklaces combinations or do you struggle to wear them?


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