How to wear my orange leather skirt?


Sometime you see crazy items in shops, like, let’s say an orange leather skirt at American Apparel, and you do not buy them cause you think they are impossible to wear.

So today I’ll show you there are lots of ways to wear something as unusual as an orange leather skirt.

And not on halloween day!


Orange leather skirt outfit
I paired the flashy orange of the skirt with muted sand tones. The animal print of the shoe ads some originality to the look.
Because the skirt is very short, I downgraded its sexyness with a crew neck slightly oversize knit and chunky low boots.
For the bag, I chose a peacock blue as complementary color to the orange without beeing the same level of saturation.
Orange leather skirt outfit 3
Because  the orange is highly saturated, I chose to pair it with paler complementary blue shades here.
To complete I added a neutral beige coat and nailpolish as well as white Stan Smith with a hint of green (complementary color as well).
Regarding shapes, I again broke the sexyness of the skirt with sneakers, a classic buttoned blouse and a straight trench like coat.
Orange leather skirt outfit 4

Although it might sound dangerous to pair orange with black (risk of looking like an halloween witch), you can manage to make it look great, by inserting a third color such as grey.

The shapes of the associated clothes are very classic and elegant. Perfect to make an eccentric item look wearable.

Orange leather skirt outfit 2

Here I matched the orange with complementary colors in darker shades such as navy blue and deep purple.

I completed with zebra for fun and a neutral charcoal.

The flat boots and the boyish top make the outfit look just the right amount of sexy.

Orange leather skirt outfit 5
I thought I’ll do a rock outfit to finish. So a dark grey tank top, black accessories and some chunky silver chains.
I completed with a hint of sparkly deep blue as a complementary color.
Again, it is rock but not provocative because the shoes are flat and the top is oversize and has no decolletage.
3 Responses to “How to wear my orange leather skirt?”
  1. Thanks for the post! I work at school that has orange as one of the main colors, so I need a lot of ideas of how to wear orange! I really like the sand tone sweatshirt in the first option you posted. I tried a few options here:

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Happy you like it!
      Looked at your outfits and think that the ones with plain colors look best cause with the english embroidery the prints look to busy to my eye 🙂
      I like the softer colors better with it too.
      So my fav is… the white shirt!

  2. Maeva says:

    La première tenue serait top avec. J’ai du mal avec les autres mais c’est simplement question de goût ! N’hésite pas à visiter mon blog 🙂

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