How to wear my pale pink coat?

Two seasons ago, designers seem to have taken candy floss as a fashion inspiration.

And now pale pink coats are invading the streets.

Which is cool! But which is also a cause of dilemna whether to buy or no not buy a pink coat that might match nothing at all.

The problem beeing what color to wear pale pink with. So that might have been the title of my article I realise just now but the fuss is all about the pink coat and it is TOO LATE to change anyway so… here are some inspirations on how to wear a pink coat!

1. Wear it with grey and white

Pink coat outfit 1
As i always say * Grandma voice* neutrals match (almost) every color! How convenient!
So here I picked white, cream and light grey as neutral colors, and navy blue cause “as I always say” I consider it beeing a neutral.
Regarding the shape, the candy inspired coats that we find everywhere are often on the chunky side, like this Carven one I picked, so it is nice to balance with fitted cigarette pants and a turtleneck that covers the neck without creating volume.

2. Wear it with raw jeans and leopard

Pink coat outfit 2
Constrast is key when you wanna be stylish.
Pink is ladylike? Then wear raw jeans to balance.
Pink is vanilla girl? Then wear “roar” wild leopard to balance.
Note that the shape of the coat itself plays a role: here it is not girly at all! Has a rather military shape even.
And baby blue on the nail, cause that matches dusty pink sooo well, plus neutrals for accessories and tadaaa!
(Oh! By the way did you know that in medieval times, pink was the color given to little boys? Cause it contained red, that was considered color of courage. Everything comes from the cultural perspective. Did you know I give fashion tours in Paris?)
Studio Nicholson FW 2013
Studio Nicholson

3. Wear it with a touch of gold

Pink coat outfit 3
Gold and silver match lots of colors (check this outfit too). They sort of are neutrals when I come to think of it, like, you wear your jewels with lots of outfits don’t you?
Plus neutral black with edgy shape, and voilà how you make a pink coat look rock.

4. Wear it with mustard yellow

Pink coat outfit 4

Yes they do match!

And neutral for the rest, as usual. (Jean is a neutral.)
J crew
Color god J.crew sides with me on that one.

5. Wear it with burgundy

Pink coat outfit 5

Pink and burgundy are neighbor colors (both contain red) and burgundy is much darker than pink so they match well.

Complete with neutrals in very feminine seventies shapes.

I love balancing an oversize coat and a jumper dress with high heeled boots.

6. Wear it with purple

Pink coat outfit 6
You read the above, you know what I am going to say.
Purple is a neighbor color and much darker than pink, therefore, blablabla.
Plus raw jeans, neutral, plus mustard yellow that matches too and happens to be the complementary color of purple (located on the opposite side of the color wheel).
By the way, the easiest when it comes to possibly risky color mixes is to proceed with small accessories such as shoes, bag, hat, gloves, etc.

7. Wear it with brown

Pink coat outfit 7
Cause it works on that Burberry add with Kate Moss.

8. Wear it with green

Pink coat outfit 8

Cause green is a complementary color to pink (which is made with red) and cause she rocks it.

And you? Do you like those pink coats? How do you wear yours?

And if you wanna more, check out my article on how to match colors.

4 Responses to “How to wear my pale pink coat?”
  1. anneso says:

    Merci merci merci pour ce post !! Je viens de craquer pour un manteau sorbet rose chiné de chez naf naf me demandant si je ne faisais pas une erreur… tu m’as confirmé que non 🙂

  2. Vanessa says:

    Non pas encore (les transports en commun représentent un véritable défi pour cette couleur ) mais l association rose et or (ma préférée dans ce post) est sublime. Ça me donne limite l’envie de sauter le pas.
    Que de bons conseils …sincerement.
    Bon week end

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