How to wear brogues and derbies?

Google request : “How to wear brogues?”

My answer:

Brogues (and derbies) are borrowed from men’s closet at first.

But, with their ankle revealing low cut, they are actually rather feminine.

You could wear them with:

– 7/8 or cigarette pants (either reveal your ankle or choose a shape that is close to it)

– Above the knee skirts

With flat shoes that go high on the foot (unlike ballerinas), I advise to wear above the knee skirt that won’t make your leg look shorter. Beside, this masculine shoes will soften the sexyness of showing off you tights. If you think that you are not young enough or do not have the legs to do this kind of combo, my best advice would be to go for pants ^^

Some fashionistas DO mix longer skirts/dress with such flats and it sometimes looks really cool but, according to me, that is not the most flattering for their silhouette. So it is up to you whether you wanna be fashionable or attractive. Both choices are great 🙂

1. Colorful tailored outfit

Brogues feminine eccentric
Brogues feminine eccentric by dresslikeaparisian

This outfit sounds masculine on paper, but its feminine side lies in small details: the glitters on the shoes, the silky fabric of the shirt, the pendant necklace and the bold lipstick. You can wear the pants either long or 7/8 to show some ankle (have your tailor to shorten them).

2. Cosy preppy outfit

Brogues cosy english student
Brogues cosy english student by dresslikeaparisian

Here, the sexy Marilyn like cosy knitted jumper is made preppy by adding flat brogues and a school satchel.  An ethnic bracelet and a France Gall like navy like eye liner will transform you into a not so innocent college girl.

3. Hype urban outfit

Brogues hype outfit
Brogues hype outfit by dresslikeaparisian

Boyish is made simple and attractive with rolled up jeans that reveal the ankle and a loose grey casual T-shirt worn half-tucked. A candy flash of color on the lips, a neon like necklace, a floral belt and some nerdy glasses add an hype and feminine twist to the look.

4. Sexy classy outfit

Brogues preppy sexy Alexa C inspired
Brogues preppy sexy Alexa C inspired by dresslikeaparisian

Alexa Chung inspired me this look. The leopard mini might sound oversexy but paired with masculine edgy shoes, a clean nailpolish, a sleek discreet bag and a modest pale yellow T, you can go for it! Not that the A line shape and the high end fabric of the skirt itself make it be classy rather than tacky.

Hope you got some outfitspiration!

And you? Do you wear “men’s” shoes?

Bises de Paris

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