What boots for my boyfriend jeans?

Reader’s question: “I would like to know what kind of boots suits to boyfriend jeans best. I am a tall and thin 43 yo woman.”


Boyfriend jeans do indeed look good with boots, but not with every kind of boots.

Those jeans slightly enlarge and shorten the figure.

I recommend wearing low boots that reveal some skin or/and to add heels that lengthen your figure. Doing both is the best for the allure I think. In the following link, she wears flats and don’t show skin. Even she is a model, well I think it looks rather bad.


Found on Dholic: a great boots/boyfriend jean combo

Here is a selection of boots that could look great with your boyfriend jeans:

Thin black ankle boots. The elegance of this shoe makes the boyfriend jean look chic.

-Very sophisticated shiny leather low boots could be great too.

Chunky brown boots. Wear them with a V-neck cashmere sweater to chic the outfit up or with a chunky sweater if you wanna look more casual.

5 Responses to “What boots for my boyfriend jeans?”
  1. Gaëlle says:

    Le modèle pourquoi pas mais les bottines à lacet carmel je ne trouve ça vraiment pas belle comme association ça fait un drôle d’effet avec le jeans, ce n’est pas que je n’aime pas le look j’adore le look mais avec avec ce genre de bottines à lacet

  2. Vanessa says:


    Une petite question : le boyfriend pour quelle morphologie ? Au hasard, est-il adapté pour une femme grande (+ 1.85m) morphologie en 8/ sablier.
    Ca m’intrique. J’ ai lu ici et la qu’il valait mieux avoir la cuisse plutot fine…

  3. Lisa says:

    In San Francisco these days I see a lot of combat boots – i.e. lace up, rounded toe, low heel, maybe a flap that turns down at the top. They look pretty good, the interest of the lacings seems to balance the wider proportions of the boyfriend jeans. What do you think about that idea?

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Combat boots are flat and high on the ankle so I don’t think they are the best match for boyfriend jeans.
      They’ll look good only if you have very long and thin legs.
      I’d rather wear combat boots with skinny pants (like combat boots indeed)

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