How to wear my navy blue cape without looking like I enrolled in the air forces

Bonjour,   I own a navy blue cape with chunky buttons and a high collar which has quite a military style to me,  I’d like to make it look cooler.  For the record, I have an indian complexion and I like skirts and dressed but also jeans. I love all colors yet one of my […]

How to dress to pick up kids at school?

Hi there Alois! I love love love your blog and I’ve honestly read every post you have made on it – and save many of the pictures you suggested. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind doing a post or lookmaker on outfits for stay at home mums (the parisian way!) – I have two young […]

How to wear my flower print dress?

Andréa says: I’d like to know how to wear my flower dress without looking to girly or too frumpy. Hello Andréa, That is a very good question indeed that you asked me back in, erm August. For those who want more personalized and quick answer, I recommend you use my distance styling service ^^ So, since […]

How to wear my black turtleneck sweater?

Hi, I’m really impressed with your website. What can i wear with a black cashmere turtle neck sweater indoor and outdoor. Im 5 feet 3 and petite, flat chested, brown skin, dark hair, Rubi Hi Rubi, A tight black turtleneck really is a basic piece. If it is bigger (I do not know about yours), then […]

How to wear my black cigarette pants?

Last week, I edited the closet of a client who owned several black cigarette pants and this gave me the idea to create a lookmaker about this timeless piece. Here is how you could rock those. First, make sure you have the right ones for you. the fold on the front is great but it […]

How to dress for a white themed bachelorette party?

Dear Aloïs, I hope you’re well! I’m absolutely loving your website and it has been a great resource for me! I was wondering if you could do a lookmaker about what to wear to a hen do/bachelorette party? I have been asked to wear white but I’m a little uncertain how to pull off winter […]

How to wear my faux leather mini skirt?

Hi Alois, I bought on impulse a beautiful faux leather mini skirt in black and now I don’t know what to do with it! It’s sure a pretty thing but it looks too juvenile to my eye. Could you help me tame it to look like the almost 30 yo that I am? Thanks! María […]

How to wear my red large sweater?

The other day, I was working for client who purchased a red sweater. Loved it so much it inspired me to create a lookmaker 🙂 First question I always get asked when it comes to red: what colors to wear with? I answered this one in a previous post last year. Surprisingly you have plenty […]

How to wear my shoulder padded coral blazer?

(Instagram request) By the way, I do have a lookmaker for you. I am the happy owner of a coral blazer that I have trouble finding matches for. I am 17 and I would describe my style as very girly. Would you have ideas for me? 🙂🌸👌🏻 Of course! Regarding the colors, coral is adorable with […]

How to dress for a “pink and grey” wedding?

I discovered your blog (too) recently and I spend hour reading it searching for clever fashion tips. Right now I have a question on my mind. How to dress for a pink and grey themed wedding? Thanks a lot and congrats for your amazing job!!! Pink and grey… aaaah,   some couples just love to give […]

Comment s’habiller pour un vernissage?

I would like to know if you had advices on how to dress for the opening of an exhibition?  Hint: I am the artist! Thanks! That’s a very interesting question Eva. My first thought was to do an all black outfit as you are french and lives in Paris. Because black says host in many […]