How to wear my faux leather mini skirt?

Hi Alois,

I bought on impulse a beautiful faux leather mini skirt in black and now I don’t know what to do with it! It’s sure a pretty thing but it looks too juvenile to my eye. Could you help me tame it to look like the almost 30 yo that I am?



To begin with, 30 is young so you can wear all you wish 🙂 You are still quite juvenile ^^ Celebrate!

(Well I am almost 30 too and I have no intention to limit my clothing options.)

Of course, you want to look more sophisticated than when you were in your early twenties. My advice for that is to choose more sophisticated combination and fabrics.

Which does not mean “dressy”, it means that you may start to be more creative and invest more in some pieces.

I own and wear a second hand faux leather mini for 2 years (bought 9 euros at a charity shop) on a very regular basis and, amongst my friend in their early thirties, I am not the only one. Yesterday, a friend of mine who is 35 was wearing a black mini faux leather skirt, with a black T-shirt and black boots. She looked great. And Charlotte Gainsbourg, who is 45 still wears leather mini.

Here are some outfits you could try.

1. Cosy and pretty


This first outfit may be the most juvenile looking of them all at first sight but the sophistication of th fabrics and of the detail make it into a grown-up style.
The coyness of the sweater and the innocence of the babies shoes balance the natural rock look of the leather skirt.

2. At the office

You cannot wear a leather mini in any office, but nowadays lots are cool enough to do so.
The shirt always make you look professional. This one is tucked out due to its shape, but you could wear a regular one tucked in.
The flat brogues lessen the sexy essence of the leather skirt, as do the soft colors.

3. Relaxed and funky

I can picture this outfit for an afternoon with friend or a clubbing night (in France, we do not get to dressy if we intent to dance wildly on cool music).
The outfit is sexy thanks to the skirt but also cool thanks to the shoes, the T-shirt and the necklace. I like those punchy “jungle” color mixes.

4. Fashion commander

Rock, sexy, androgynous and edgy at the same time… sounds like the typical Marant groupie french fashion editor look (which I love ^^). Sultry fabric of the moment, rebel santiags and a boyish coat.

5. Parisienne on a date

This look is totally cliché, but hey, how fun is this to play with clichés when you do it well?
The pumps and bag are frilly, the T-shirt does not take it all too seriously, the skirt is rock and roll and the coat soften this all with its atemporal style.

6. Hieratic

Yes you do display a lot of legs… but you cover your neck like a victorian aristocrat.
So? Ready to rock your faux leather mini skirt? 
2 Responses to “How to wear my faux leather mini skirt?”
  1. Maria Del Toro says:

    Hi Alois!

    Thank you SO MUCH for taking my question! There’s a lot of food for thought here! I specially liked your idea of wearing brogues with the skirt. I was sure I would never like brogues but now they make so much sense to me! And I have the perfect red turtle neck to use with the skirt. I’ll go back to your article on how to wear tights to get some ideas now!

    Looking forward to future look makers (I have already read them all)!


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