How to wear my flower print dress?

Andréa says:
I’d like to know how to wear my flower dress without looking to girly or too frumpy.

Hello Andréa,

That is a very good question indeed that you asked me back in, erm August.
For those who want more personalized and quick answer, I recommend you use my distance styling service ^^

So, since I did not know your age or bodytype, I created 4 outfits based on a classic not too revealing Red Valentino flower dress that I accessorized for different occasions.

1/ Strolling in Paris

In sad november when flower die, what about wearing them as a print?
In autumn, I like to make dresses cosy with large knitted jumpers or cardigans. The beanie underlines this comfy style.
I also picked a beige cape as a light day coat and burgundy accessories for some color. Caramel would also have been nice.
All of those cuts are quite elegant.
To make the outfit more fun, I picked leopard gloves. Flowers are often quite versatile prints that you can mix with the followings: stripes, lace, tartan or dots as you can see in one of my instagram outfits I like to relate too (while you are there, follow me and leave me nice IG comments ^^)

2/ Dress like a londoner

Yes because sometimes we want to show support to out Brexited neighbours my dressing quite as funky and punk as them.
So bam! I dared the fluffy sunflower faux-fur coat, the doc Martens, the baroque earcuffs, the plumetis tights and the four layers of mascara.
3/ Elegccentric at the office
Classic masculine derbies in a bling version is what I mean by elegccentric.
As you are at the office, add a classic and cool fluid blazer, classy earrings, fresh red nails and black liner.

4/ Sophisticated for a night out

Yes, the flower dress can be dressy… with the right accessories.

Here I opted for black and gold, symbol of elegance and refinement.

I hope I inspired you to get this dress out of the closet!

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