How to wear my black cigarette pants?

Last week, I edited the closet of a client who owned several black cigarette pants and this gave me the idea to create a lookmaker about this timeless piece.

Here is how you could rock those.

First, make sure you have the right ones for you.

  • the fold on the front is great but it shall not be pulled flat by the diameter of your tights
  • if you own muscular tights, choose a sewn fold (yes they exist)
  • without a fold works as well
  • The fabric shall be rigid enough not to ressemble sweatpants or leggings
  • the fabric shall not be too “polyester shiny”
  • 7/8 length is perfect: pay attention that it is not shorter
  • Ankle length works too

1. Cosy yellow


Black cigarette pants outfit #1


Cigarette pants have a natural “business” attitude. If your office is not too formal, you can break this style with a cosy knit and flat boots.
Warm colors always work wonderfully with black.

2. Rebellious tweed

Black cigarette pants #2


A Chanel like jacket can instantly make you look 10 years older. Even more if you match it with something as classic as black cigarette pants.
I therefore recommend you to associate it with some boyish or rock shoes.
The printed Coachellike T-shirt is optional ^^ plain black, white or grey would work too.

3. Classy quirkiness

Black cigarette pants #3


Silk shirts are warmer than you think. They are classy, feminine and the perfect elegant choice for winter.
With stilettos this is a great executive woman outfit.
You could go for plain classic colors, but here I chose to make the look stand out with a fun print and a messy hairstyle.

4. Sexy tuxedo

Black cigarette pants #4


Yes cigarette pants can be worned for a night out, and personally I think they are often sexier than a dress for those who are “wow!” legs ^^
Pair them with a sophisticated top and sky-high heels for instance.
Complete with a sultry smokey.
And you? How do you wear your black cigarette pants? 
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  1. jaq says:

    hi, i was wondering if you had any tips on how to style cigarette pants as a curvy lady. i adore the style but i worry that it emphasises my stomach too much and doesnt look right without a more boyish figure. What would you recommend to make it suit me a bit better? thank you!!

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