How to wear my royal blue V neck sweater?

Hi Aloïs, 

I just purchased an electric blue cashmere V neck, but voilà, I have no idea how to wear it! 

I am a black, plump and short and like skirts,

Looking forward to read you, 


Bonjour Agnès, you are right, electric blue looks great on black skins!

You can easily match it with navy blue, black and add some gold details.

Warm colors also look nice with it such as yellow, orange, caramel, camel, as well as flashy colors like coral, pinks and reds.

You could also mix it with neighbor colors like green or softer shades of blue.

As for you bodytype it all depends of the shape of your body, so I did my best with the little I knew.

1/ With cold class shades at work

Electric blue is a severe and ice cold shade, that is why it works better on black skins with warm undertones to me.
As it is already a very strong color, no need to overload at work. Neutrals such as navy blue and black would be perfect.
Then, just add a glimpse or red to lit up the outfit.
I chose massive silver earrings with a simple shade that will look adorable with a minimal necklace.

2/ With fresh colors on the weekend

I like to pair light blue jeans with electric blue because it brings freshness to the mix.
Then I added, coral, poppy and green details that five a floral joyful style.
As for the bodytype, boyfriend jeans look adorable when you have a round booty.

3/ With warm shades for an afternoon in the city

I like to temper the cold ultramodern feel of electric blue with warm cosy and classic colors.
Short capes look very cute on short and curvy women as I was able to see on my clients working as a personal stylist
I hope to have inspired you!
Bises de Paris, 
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  1. Agnes says:

    Chère Alois, je vous en remercie infiniment. J adore les looks que vous avez concoctés! Bien à vous, Agnès

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