How to dress to pick up kids at school?

Hi there Alois!

I love love love your blog and I’ve honestly read every post you have made on it – and save many of the pictures you suggested. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind doing a post or lookmaker on outfits for stay at home mums (the parisian way!) – I have two young children and my wardrobe has gone from being on the dressy side – to trying to dress down in order not to alienate other mums during the school run (who are usually very casual)! I’m a 5’2″ petite lady with a feminine/classic style (I adore skirts, dresses and colour!). The style of clothing I prefer though, can become boring/mumsy. 

Aw! Merci Audrey!
First I’d say that you should not care too much about what the other mums say ^^
If you wear colors and skirts you assemble them well… there is no doubt you’ll look dressier than almost all of them.
But that is best to be on the best dressed than to be on the other list right?
Yet you would not want to look overdressed. I agree that this can make ones feel uncomfortable.
I recommend you to pick clothes that remain on the casual/ day theme.
Some advices you could follow in order to look relaxed:
– Wear casual fabrics: knits, jerseys, cottons, jeans…
– Wear shoes without too much heels
– Wear no makeup or nude makeup
– Do not do sophisticated blow-dry
– Wear discreet or very few jewels
– Do not overload on accessories
Of course, jeans would instantly dress you down, but I prefered to stick to your classic and colored style.
I am aware those outfit are way dressier than the ones that lots of women wear but hey
a. You want to look stylish don’t you?
b. They are comfy and casual, therefore appropriate for daytime
1/ Quircky parisienne


Print mix instantly bring joy to an outfit! Here, basically you have only three colors on three prints (black/yellow/ white) and they are on different scales to they work perfectly together.
Throw on the basic everyday parisian coat on top if there is some wind 🙂
The jersey fabric of the dress and the flat shape of the boots make this outfit relaxed.
Pay attention to tie the scarf loose and not like you work for Air France.
2/ Bobo parisienne
“Bobo” means bohemian bourgeoise in french “argot” (slang). This style is pretty common in France and can be found everywhere on the east side of Paris.
It combines elegance to a bohemian attitude.
Here, I mixed a cosy sweater with a sophisticated yet loose skirt, a canvas tote bag and boots you can run with.
I chose to pair this deep silky forest green with this night blue neighbor color and this opposite matte pink blush color. For the boots I picked a neutral which shade is very close to the top.
3/Minimal cosy soft shades
Sweaters may be feminine when well chosen and mixed.
If you are petite with long legs, a cropped sweater will look adorable paired with an high waisted skirt and sneakers on you.
The soft shades and pale neutrals always are a nice mix.
The overall feel of this outfit is sophisticated yes casual and cosy thanks to the fabrics and choice of shoes.
4/ Classic parisienne
Dresses are the best because you just have to throw one on, shoes, and boom, you are ready. Underwear are optional.
I especially like shirt dress that make you look elegant and feminine yet not over the top.
I chose bold booties to bring some color in this classic outfit and voilà!
5/ Cool mom

Jeans are the ultimate dress down piece.

The current trend is raw hems and high waist in a so called “mom” style. See, that is what you were looking for ^^

They look great on petites.

You could pair them with a basic sweater and flats.

Here I mixed some soft joyful colors along with basics.

The designer earrings add sophistication to this relaxed look.

Alors? Ready to impress the others “mamans”? (In a good way)

4 Responses to “How to dress to pick up kids at school?”
  1. Michaela says:

    Oh comme j’attendais ce genre de post!
    Parfait, comme d’habitude, merci! <3
    Pourrais-tu faire encore un look book bis pour "Comment s'habiller pour travailler / trainer le weekend à la maison" sans passer justement par ces yoga pants (tellement tentant), genre à ne pas avoir honte si quelqu'un sonne à la porte 🙂
    Bien à toi.

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Ahah, je vois ce que tu veux dire. Perso je met une jupe ultra longue à taille élastiquée et un gros pull. Je vais réfléchir à la possibilité de faire un lookmaker sur ce sujet mais je ne suis pas certaine que ce soit le plus intéressant. On verra. Et puis ce n’est quand même pas trop grave si quelqu’un sonne à la porte ^^

  2. Alison says:

    Comme d’habitude, moi aussi je love love love 😀 j’aime particulièrement la tenue avec la jupe grise et le sweat bleu, je la porterais sans problème même sans être maman ;p

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Ahah, oui bien sûr à chaque fois je réponds à une situation très particulière mais les réponses s’appliquent à énormément de situations différentes. Heureusement qu’il n’y a pas des sapes spéciales maman (coucou les mom jeans)

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