How to use color value to create balanced outfits?

Last week I met two clients who tended to compose dull oufits even though they were sometimes using bright colors. Had they been cursed by some sort of fashion hater sorcerer? One showed me how she paired her bright red shirt with her dark grey jeans because she felt it wasn’t working and had no […]

How to wear the rainbow trend?

Three years ago, unicorn powder spread all over the internet, trend crossing will ol’ good nyan cat, letting rays of multicolored stripes and dots on our clothes outside of the screen. The first designer to have sniffed some (unicorn powder) was of course Alessandro Michele at Gucci, ringing the end of the Celine “minimalism only” […]

France Gall, a style icon

7th of january 2018, somewhere in a grey village North of Vietnam (with wifi) I log on to social networks to find out french sixties darling singer France Gall has passed away at seventy. A singer whose sweet songs have often enlighten my gloomy sundays.  Under the vietnamese drizzle, I listen to her classics, the […]

How to wear red at Christmas time without looking like Santa

I am talking Santa’s red. It’s Christmas. C’est Noël! I know I already wrote an article about how to master bright red last year, but here it is how to wear it for a festive event such as Christmas eve. Without looking like you just robbed Santa’s Clauset. 1/With black Classic and safe. Typically red […]

Colors and prejudice

The other day my day father (coucou papa), asserted that salmon pink was really “uncool” and only worthy of grandmas fashion (we are talking old style grandmas here, not his own wife obviously). I am very aware he is not the only one to despise this color, even the name of it is not the […]

Merci monsieur Alaïa

A week ago, Azzedine Alaïa passed away at the age of 77, letting us orphan to him who may have been the last of the “grands couturiers”, rather sewing the clothes directly on the mannequins than drawing them beforehand. Having followed a training as “les beaux arts”, Azzedine Alaïa, molded his clothes like sculptures to enhance the beauty […]

How to wear corduroy

After months of (non hollidays but hard work) being away, I make my comeback on the blog. “C’est la rentrée!” as we say in France. I am just being 2 month late, but hey, with global warming it is like fall has just begun (blaming it on the climate). Today, I’d like to speak of […]

How to wear the breton striped top?

Picture me writing this article from my native île de ré, feet in the sand, nose in the wind (“le nez au vent”) and breton stripes over my bikini. You don’t believe me? Well, ok, île de ré was last weekend, and I am currently writing way too late, on my parisian bed, my laptop […]

Not such a good idea: the two faced top

In every shop it swaggers, both casual and refined, showcasing its assets, waiting for you to buy it… the two faced top. I am sure you’ve already met, maybe he has even already nested in your closet. Let me introduce you to him. He is a bi material lad, looking dressy on the front and low-key […]

How to layer under a thin top?

When it comes to layering, we naturally lean toward wearing the thinest, tinniest layers close to our skin and the toughest, biggest on the outside. Just like in the nature (think onion). Stylistically speaking it is also the easiest option. But of course, doing what’s not expected catches the eye and has an undeniable fashion appeal. […]

When do clothes get “worn out”?

Every woman aiming to create an “eco responsible” wardrobe would like to wear her clothes until their “textile death”. Yet, the path to virtuous fashion consumption is full of pitfalls. Sometimes we get bored of a piece of clothing that looks perfectly new, and sometimes we keep clothes way past their best use date. 1/ When […]