How to wear the scarf in spring/summer?

Scarf? In spring summer? We french people always get cold on the neck. You’ll notice that in the streets. Maybe a bit because scarves are so pretty. But in spring or summer, you do not use the same scarves than in fall or winter. I. What scarf for spring summer? A. Fabrics Linen, cotton, silk, […]

What headwear for winter?

I am lazy to write you an intro, so here we start by listing all the hats you could put on your lovely head. I/ Listing of existing headwear 1/ The beanie A classic. Love it as it brings a cool vibe to any outfit at any age. You can choose it oversized or perfectly […]

How to wear scarves

Back on my series of “updated basic tips” now is… the scarf! In the midst of a pandemic, let’s try not to catch a cold on top of this, shall we? And while we are talking covid, I suggest you buy yourself a series of black cloth masks. There are plenty on Etsy for instance! […]

How to wear the trench coat?

Back from my summer escapes, I was ready to wander the Parisian streets with my trench coat and umbrella! Alas! it’s 33 degrees outside. Damn global warming, when are we supposed to be stylish now (that and I work better when there’s a cold breeze outside). The hell with the lack of rain, I am […]

How to finally wear this piece of clothing that never sees the light?

Confined people are getting super crafty and creative. In France, the big hype right now is baking your bread. OF. COURSE. What could be more french? Well, a quick Instagram search proved me this bread enthusiasm goes well beyond our country. Trends and food being the only things traveling now that people are not allowed […]

How to wear an oversized sweater?

The other day, while I waited for my client to change clothes, a woman was being advised by a salesperson who was asserting the knit she was trying on was a perfect fit. As soon as the vendor had left, the lady, who had picked up I was a stylist, asked me for advice: “isn’t […]

How to wear white pants in fall and winter

Bonjour, bonjour, A bit shy to write those words considering how long I was gone. To be honest, it is difficult to explain why I have been away from the blog for such a while. As you may know (I really HOPE you do know ^^) I have published a book (that you can buy […]

How to wear the breton striped top?

Picture me writing this article from my native île de ré, feet in the sand, nose in the wind (“le nez au vent”) and breton stripes over my bikini. You don’t believe me? Well, ok, île de ré was last weekend, and I am currently writing way too late, on my parisian bed, my laptop […]

How to wear linen?

And why? Because linen is the most ecological fiber that exists: 80% of it is produced in Europe and France is the first producer in the world (ok I am promoting french trade here, greetings US readers, plant your own crops!) it requires very little water (normandy’s rain is just enough) it requires little to […]

How to wear my mint green coat?

Bonjour, I have been reading your blog with interest since I accidentally found it while I was looking for advices about tights.  As I love colors, two years ago, I purchased a green mint coat with a peter pan collar. It is super nice but I have no idea how to wear it.  I find […]

How to wear my gold ankle boots?

During a style coaching, I advised one of my clients, a rather classic mid forties woman for was look for more style and simplicity, to purchase a pair of Sonia Rykiel gold ankle boots. At first she was disoriented, thinking those shoes were too eccentric for her but when I pointed out the many possibilities of matching this item […]

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