How to choose your tights

Bonjour! Here in Paris, the sun is shining but it is freezing! A perfect weather to wear skirts and dresses… with tights 🙂 When it comes to tights, most of us think plain, black tights. They are indeed great cause they match with everything and slim the leg, but tights can also be the statement […]

Paris style icone: Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin is one of my all time favourite style inspiration. She spices beautiful classics in a sassy way, is super sexy but never tacky and both boyish and ultra-feminine. The “petite anglaise” has become a figure of french style. Here are some of her looks I love and that can still inspire us today. […]

How to wear a beanie

Hello girls, It’s getting pretty cold here and I thought that now that I told you how to wear a scarf, I’ll also give you some advices on the beanie. I loooove beanies, they make you outfit look instantly cool. And no age limit: I think a beanie can look great on a woman in […]

How to dress for a party

Bonjour, bonjour, It’s soon to be 2014 and I haven’t said a word about how to dress for a party! (And I hope Santa was nice ^^) Well, when I say party, I do not mean an average party but an over the top party, just like new year’s eve which is tonight! I guess […]

How to wear a scarf

Winter is coming. In Paris at least! We’ve had a beautiful sunny autumn but every good thing has an end. However, I am happy for at least one reason: I am gonna have a real reason to wear my new plaid scarf. Cause yes, even though scarves are very stylish they are also useful. 1. […]

How to wear heels

When it comes to heels many thinks that: – for the evening the higher is the better – for the day 5 inches is way to much Both are untrue. When it comes to heels, the first things you should focuss on are the arch and the width of the heel. The arch: A 5 […]

Where to shop in Paris

I think having unusual jewellery, makes you unique. At Hod rue vieille du temple, the jewel selection is very bohemian chic. In their shop, gold can look handmade and be worn next to a simple wowen bracelet. A glimpse of what you can find inside… Jacquie Aiche, gold. Lito, Gold coating Tom Binns, Swarovski cristals […]

How to wear the trench

À la mi-saison, le nombre de femme et d’homme portant un trench est impressionnant. Un certain conformisme français? Ou une manière d’affirmer sa singularité par le choix d’une pièce certes connue mais unique en soi? J’opte pour la deuxième option. Pour moi, porter un basique, c’est se l’approprier et c’est pour cela qu’il est primordial […]