How to wear rust color

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“C’est la rentrée” like we say in France. In English, you could probably translate it with “back to school”, but that would not be appropriate enough because “la rentrée” concerns everyone in France.  In august, lots of industries slow down and Paris empty from the locals who prefer to breathe and relax in the country. Even, on radio and TV, some programms stop and some are replaced by others.

(Those who want to know about the rust styling issue now, please scroll down ^^)

When the first of september comes, you can tell something has changed. It’s in the air. For us, more than january the first, it means the start of the year. It is the moment we make fresh decisions.

Ok, ok, you see me coming… I am making my comeback after nearly two months away from the blog and I am trying to explain it with outside causes 🙂

Truth is, I was taking a break from Paris. Before leaving, I packed my computer, thinking I would have the faith to write while away. Proof is, I was not ^^

But, hey, “c’est la rentrée”! My new decision (appart from posting back) is too finally take care of my newletter to which you are always more to suscrive 🙂

SO, fingers on typepad and here I go!

How to wear rust color?

Searching for a subject I got inspired by the rust jacket I was wearing yesterday.

I think this is a flattering, subtle and easy to wear color that instantly makes an outfit look both elegant and cosy.

1. White and rust

Trust me, it won’t transfer 🙂

White is perfect to freshen up this warm color during the “indian summer”

Lisa D just another me

Lisa Dengler, just another me

( Notice how Lisa, uses 4 colors in her outfit? If you have not, I recommend you to read my “why I do not believe in the three colors rule” post)

Shades of rust.



Only a light colored detail is enough to make an outfit go from boring  to personal.

Camille over the rainbow vanessa Jackman

Camille over the rainbow by Vanessa Jackman

Touches of white make a warm outfit looks fresher

danielle bernstein fashion week NY 2015

Danielle Bernstein by Vanessa Jackman

Want personalized style advices? Reach me for distance styling or personal shopping!

2. Black and rust

To chic your rust up and dress your black down.

brooklyn blonde

Brooklyn blonde

To boho your rock T-shirt

Et pourquoi pas Coline rouille et noir

Et pourquoi pas Coline?

3. Jean and rust

For an elegant cowboyish allure.

Rust and jean Vanessa jackman

Vanessa Jackman

4. Navy and rust.

So refined.

rust and blue 2


(If  some of you happens to have his number, I can ask him the credits)

navy and rust bows and sequins

Bows and sequins

5. Turquoise and rust

So seventies!

rust and blue 3

Olivia Palermo

The outfit of Olivia is very bold. If you prefer more discreet looks, think of using only a turquoise accessory like a scarf.

6. Teal blue and rust

Adorably retro.

Sessun 2011 2012


7. Purple and rust

One of my favorite options. An unexpected automnal mix.

Rust and purple 2


Rust and plum


Rust and purple into the gloss

Into the gloss

Clarabour rust and plum


8. Lilac and rust

Sounds unexpected but as lilac is just a whitened version of purple it works!

Also think of dusty versions of plum and purple.

Rust and lilac


9. Pink and rust

Fuschia pink…


… or baby pink

rust color outfit


10. Mustard and rust

Like the falling leaves.

cavescollectstudio rust and mustard

Caves collect studio

11. Beige and rust

Very rive gauche.

Rust beige and white Chloe spring 2013


12. Gold and rust

Warm metal on warm color.

Anthropologie rust and gold


13. Emerald green and rust

Like in the forest.

the clothes horse


14. Prints and rust

Ok prints are not a color but wearing print with a color is always a great way to be easily stylish.

You can go for black and white (matches everything)

Or for a print made of one of the above stated colors.

a house in the hills

Vanessa Jackman

Rust and leopard


I am sure there are other combinations that I did not quote.

You would be surprised how many colors match each other when you try.

The first that comes to my mind are baby blue, milky peach, kakhi…

Make experiences! And ask someone with a good eye for color to check if you doubt ^^

Enjoy indian summer!

herisson automne

Cover collage: The Sartorialist, Unknown

7 Responses to “How to wear rust color”
  1. Rahul says:

    Why not try yellow and rust

  2. Nora says:

    Some really good examples!

  3. Cécile says:

    Ah te revoilà ! Ca fait bien plaisir et j’espère que tu as passé un bel été.
    J’aime beaucoup cette couleur, rouille, mais elle m’intimide un peu. Dans les magasins, elle m’attire tout de suite mais à chaque fois je renonce, un peu comme pour le moutarde (pourtant ton post sur le sujet est plein d’inspirations) que j’adore mais que je ne pourrais porter qu’avec de toutes petites touches de couleur ou des accessoires, car ça me fait un teint horriiiible.
    Sinon, peut-être que si je me concentre sur des pièces éloignées du visage (jupe ou pantalon) et que je garde des teintes plus lumineuses près du visage ça limite la casse, non ?

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      C’est possible que ça ne t’aille pas super, super au teint en effet (horrible ça m’étonnerait ^^)
      Mais dans ce cas, tu as le bon réflexe en t’orientant vers des pièces éloignées du visage.
      Sinon j’ai passé un super été, on aime jamais tant Paris que quand on la quitte un peu.
      J’espère qu’il a été beau de ton côté aussi 🙂

  4. V says:


    Quel plaisir ce post !

    Je remarque qu’ il existe plusieurs nuances de rouille : du moutarde foncé ( dernière photo) à un roux épicé ( colori sur lequel j’ai jeté mon dévolu il y a peu).
    Les combos avec du jean ou du rose fuschia, rose pâle, beige , blanc et or sont mes préférés .

    Une question, un défi : Comment apprivoiser le marron foncé ? Je viens de recevoir mon Tee parfait en marron fonçé ( C ‘est mon Nude en quelque sorte ) Comment l’associer à des couleurs ? Pour le moment, je ne vois que du Beige, rose pale, moutarde

    Bonne journée.

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Il y a tellement de couleurs (et tellement de nuances dans la vraie rouille) que le fait de nommer une couleur est forcément approximatif, il suffit de regarder un nuancier pour s’en convaincre.
      Donc toutes les couleurs présentées pourraient être nommées “rouille”, mais pourraient aussi être nommées autrement (écureuil, hot curry, terre de sienne…).
      Je vais réfléchir à cette histoire de marron foncé 🙂

  5. Jolie sélection !

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