To tuck or not to tuck your tops?

This is the question ma chère.

And I am there to answer it.

I/ Do tuck

A/ With high waisted bottoms

1. Bodytype

The tucking looks super nice when you have a thin waist compared to your hips.

If you have an allover round belly (apple shape) or if you are a square shape, tucking in with high waistline will do do you justice.

It emphasizes the waistline

2. How to?

a. High waisted wide bottoms

If your skirt or pants are somehow wide, prefer a top that is rather close to your body.

It can be skin tight or looser.

The more going on there is around the hips, the tighter the top can be.

A tight T-shirt properly tucked in those paperbag pants

A looser fluid top on this more minimal skirt seen on Angy’s tearoom

b. High waisted skinny bottoms

I recommend going for tops that have a bit of “looseness” going on.

Like a T-shirt, a knit, a shirt… and make the fabric “fluff” a bit. It shall not feel like the tucking is vertically pulling on the material.

Violette (I think) wearing ultra skinny jeans with a fluid blouse

Karla’s closet tucking a fluid cashmere in her skin tight pencil skirt

B/ With low waisted bottoms

1. Bodytype

This tucking may be less modern but it flatters almost everyone.

It is interesting if you have a round bottom or/ and a flat belly you want to show.

If you have bigger breasts, this trick prevents you from the “tent” effect.

Also works with half tucking (see part III).

However if you have a belly and or/ noticeable muffin top, then this style is probably not the best for you.

2. How to? 

I recommend that the top you tuck has some “looseness” to it because, aside from super super skinny girls, everyone has a bit of muffin top going when you  wear low waisted bottoms and I think a skin tight top on skinny jeans does not make a lot of us look nice.

Actually, in this situation, the “half tuck” is currently more trending. It give some more casualness to the style and prevents any back pudge hugging.

Les babioles de Zoé wearing low waisted boyfriend jeans with an almost tucked top. (Believe me, in this world of half tucking and high waisted mom jeans, finding the perfect illustration pic was a real challenge.)

C/ With belted bottoms

Because you can’t hide the bulge it creates with a layer.

It does not matter whether the belt (or look alike) is integrated or not.

II/ Do not tuck 

The only case when not tucking does not work is when you are wearing a bottom that shows under the top layer (typically the skirt in the picture just above).

Otherwise not tucking fluid tops is great if you wish to flaunt a belly or make your hips appear smaller.

It is also better not to tuck if your bottom has a meh waistline like a stretchy waistband for instance.

Angy’s tearoom and friend. Her skirt (assuming it is one, does probably have a waistline that is not worth showing).

And of course, do not tuck the tops that are obviously designed to be worn outside like belted tops, pleated top, tops with flounces, etc…

L’atelier de Camille

III/ Or half tuck

The best of both world! Half tucking, while showing your  hip curve and your flat belly has the cool attitude of someone who does not care much (when actually, this someone cares a lot).

This trick works best on low waists or mid waists bottoms but you can dare it on high waist too.

Probably very old tuck style spotted by the Sartorialist (datation by feet position…)

Achieving half tucking on mid waist

And you? Do or don’t you? 

Cover collage: banana republic, l’atelier de Camille

17 Responses to “To tuck or not to tuck your tops?”
  1. Hi I am a petite 5, 1 lady pretty much in proportion small everything I have a size 4 yo 6 I have a jelly belly pregnancy one just needs toning really, can I tuck tops in I have hardly any hips small bottom and waist.
    What do u think???

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Hello Abbey,
      Thanks for your question.
      It really depends of your body.
      Even if you described it, I would need to see the precise proportions to properly advise you on this one… since some of my clients with such bodytype make tucking work and some other do not.
      You can take a distance video appointment with me

  2. Nika says:

    Hi! I have a question whether i shld tuck in or not. I have average sized breasts (but leaning more towards the big side). I have big butt, medium thughs but skinny/slim ankles and calves. From the front, my hip looks kinda wide and my pelvic bone is kinda average. But from the side i look slim, just big boobs and butt. Shld i tuck in or no?

  3. Marina says:

    Hi! I’ve just found this article and I’ve a question: I have big breasts, a short waist and belly (bigger below the waist), my hips are somewhat squared. I’ve tríed tucking my tops, but it looks kinda wrong on me. It’s because my body type, or because the clothes I wear are ill fitting or what?. Thanks

  4. vivien_noir says:

    I have a different opinion on this: when I get my period, my slightly rounded belly bloats a lot, so I even have to size up on my Pants. At the same time, I have a straight waist without much Definition. My big belly is me much of a challenge to style at that time of the month, but I found wearing an unbuttoned or half unbuttoned blouse, loosely tucked like a soft wrap Shirt, very helpful in conceiling my bigger middle! It also works with very loose, ballooning or even boxy tops, if they are Long enough. You just have to fold them loosely over your belly and pull the Pants over it. Or pulling them a bit to the side to tuck them also creates nice creases distracting from the belly!
    I prefer to wear low-rise Jeans in period time too, because it doesn’t put pressure on or digs into my belly. If this shortens your legs a bit too much, opt for heeled shoes.

    Here’s a Picture of what I mean:

  5. mara says:

    Oh I love easy formulas like this one 🙂

    One question: so if I have not much waist and a little belly – no tucking for me, right?

  6. Katie says:

    Ah yes, this presents a problem for me! I love to tuck my shirts in, but it never looks right. I have a small waist, but larger hips — this would be great, however my legs are quite short, and I feel there is no way to emphasize my waist without also emphasizing that it is somewhat disproportionately longer than my “stubby” legs. i.e., From the waist up, everything is fine, but because my bum is rather round, and my legs short, I have to wear very high shoes to achieve any kind of harmonious aesthetic. (Am I making sense?)

    Do you have any suggestions, other than wearing high (always uncomfortable!) shoes, or dressing rather monochromatically? I only wear black pants and shoes because of this problem. It’s the only strategy I have so far. 🙁 I would love to see a post on this issue! 🙂

  7. MABdeParis says:

    Rentré OU sorti: jamais entre deux.
    C’est un tic ou un toc de mode que je ne supporte plus.
    pour le reste, points I et II, une superbe analyse détaillée suivant morpho, tissu et coupe.. Comme toujours, plein d’idées dans lesquelles on peut piocher en fonction de son dressing.

  8. Réré says:

    Toujours à demi rentré pour moi

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