How to wear white jeans

In the past weeks I recommended 3 clients purchase white jeans. Two of them opted for skinny jeans and one of them got flare jeans.

They were either thin or had a bit of curves and they all look fab in it!

And yesterday… I bought white jeans for myself – or the temptation to beeing a personal stylist.

Anyway, I think that white jeans are the perfect spring item (when it will stop raining!) and that you too could use one in your wardrobe.

But how to wear them in a chic way?

Because, I do not know about were you live but here, in France, some think only “cagoles” wear white jeans.

What is a “cagole”? Erm. That would be an Essex girl in England (according to the urban dictionnary, sorry to any Essex reader!) for instance.

In France, they live in the south, like overtanning, leopard prints, very tight clothes, loop earrings and super high heels. And lots of white!

But forget your prejudices, you can make white jeans look amazing!

1. Choose your white jeans properly

– their fabric shall be thick enough. Avoid those that look like leggings or that are (even slightly) see-through

– they shall not be too tight. Again, they shall not be mistaken for leggings

– avoid any shine in the fabric. Plain cotton (with a bit of stretch), is the best choice.

– prefer the ones with white sewing. The white jeans shall be a basic you could wear with anything. If they have a sewing another color, pay attention that it stays discreet and harmonious.

– rather choose jeans that are simple. No holes (or not too much), sparkles, etc.

Go for the shape you prefer: skinny, flare, boyfriend, they are all great!

And yes, white sets light on legs but that doesn’t mean they can’t look great on curvy girls (here too). (The reason why I don’t put this pics on the blog is that, even though I think their jeans suit them well, their whole outfits are not the style I show here).

(Oh, and, as always, homemade “hems” are to avoid, except frayed ones)

2. What colors to mix with my white jeans

A. Soft colors

By soft colors I mean colors that are dusty or whitened.

They are less “sweet” that  pastels which is why I prefer them.

With them the looks look more “natural” and less “dolly”.

sincerely jules

Sincerely Jules, one of my favorite bloggers, is a master with colors, she mixes her white jeans with blush pink, whitened teal and pale blue (denim).

white with a hint of blush rstyle me


B. Greys, silver and black

You can make your white jeans look very modern and urban by mixing them with greys, silver accents and even black.

death by elocution 2

Death by elocution

Fashion me now

Fashion me now

If you want to wear black with your white jeans, I think adding grey is a great way to transition in a subtle way.

C. Beiges, golds and tan

Like sandy tones. They look very sophisticated with white jeans.

Polienne white jeans gold and tan


D. Blues and denim

White and blue are an all-time classic.

From very pale, to navy, they all perfectly complete  white jeans

Shiia M

Shiia M

white jeans kimono


I like very much the contrast between tough blue denim and white “preppy” denim.

Sabrina Meijer de AfterDRK

Sabrina Meijer from after drk

E. Kakis

Charline inside closet de charlonline

Charlonline on Inside closet

carolines mode

Carolines mode

Break the purity of white with this earth color.

F. Be subtle with bright colors

Bright colors with white can quickly look “too much“.

I recommend you to stick with one only and to temper with neutrals or more white.

jeans blanc et flash classe

Garance Doré

geraldine saglio jean blanc

Géraldine Saglio on Stockholm streetstyle

G. Cream and… white

white jeans cream sweater


White jeans are perfect to create all white (or almost) outfits that do not look too “David Hamilton-ish”.

Just like with all black, choose varied textures and cuts to make your all-white look stand out.

Last advice: step away from berries, red wine and romantic spaghetti dinners. Just saying…

belle et le clochard

And you? How do you wear your white jeans?

11 Responses to “How to wear white jeans”
  1. jessica says:

    I am a huge fan of denim- I have been toying with the latest additions lately, but jeans are still my BIG favorite. I am not sure how I could get dressed everyday without a pair of jeans. I admit I fall in and out of love with each of my pairs of jeans constantly – I am not going to fess up just yet as to how many pairs there are.

  2. Keshia says:

    Jolie sélection ! & Merci beaucoup 😀 !

    Bisous 😀

  3. Susanna says:

    I love wearing my white jeans with a striped t-shirt or jumper or tank top or… actually anything with stripes, kind of sailor-like! They also look great with cognac (faux) leather, I think 🙂

  4. WILMA says:

    White jeans are very popular in America. I like my white skinny jeans with a longer belted tunic style top, either in dark blue denim or in a soft, warm tone print. They also look great with sleeveless tunics, and I agree soft tones are a must. I think a strappy brown sandal with a moderate heel looks best with white jeans. Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy reading it, but my French is too horrible to comment in your language:))

  5. Emma says:

    Sincerely Jules a un petit air des jumelles Olsen avec ses immenses lunettes de soleil ! ^_^

  6. cécile says:

    Super billet ! Bon, pour moi, il va d’abord falloir que j’arrête de m’asseoir sur les marches et les bords de trottoir avant de m’acheter un jean blanc…Mais une fois que je saurais m’asseoir comme une lady ( c’est-à-dire sur une chaise….propre) j’ai bien envie de tenter parce que je trouve ça vraiment joli.

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Hier, croyant au retour du soleil, j’ai sorti le jean blanc… qui a fini tacheté de boue sur les mollets. Je confirme que c’est salissant!

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