How to wear the neckerchief?

Some times ago I gave you advices on how to wear the scarf and only advocated for big fluffy scarves.

Yet smaller ones can be cool too.

They’re not exactly here to keep you warm, but they’ll keep you stylish at least. Assuming you’ll wear them properly.

Right now THE thing is to wear them neck neckerchief style. And you can even wear bigger ones this way too ^^

Be careful, this can make you look like a stewardess or a conservative old lady.

Here are my tips to master this knot.

I. Choose your print wisely

I recommend a modern print because other may create that dreaded stewardess look.


Instagram scarf.envy


The bandana print is always a great choice.


No print no risk. Chloe 2016/17

If your print is kind of old-fashioned, balance it with cool clothes, like a striped boyfriend shirt, a T-shirt or any minimalist styling (avoid anything that may look like it could belong to your grandma, only the Hermès square shall).

B. The size does not matter (too much)

Let’s be honest, mini and small squares are THE best to achieve the neckerchief look.

Yet you may succeed with larger versions that climb higher on the neck.

Those are recommended for long necked ladies with defined jaws only.


C. Tie it properly

My favorite option is to wear the neckerchief as a chocker with a side knot.

Make it a band, hide the edges in the middle and wrap it flat around your neck as many times as needed.

Knot the bits on the side. They can be long and hang loose, be tiny and hold stiff and you can even hide them inside or in the back.

You do not want it to be messy (remember this, I usually advocate for the opposite).


Instagram brae_uk



Wearing the knot on front is also an option, but I recommend to pair it with a fun attitude as it instantly looks more conservative.


The triangle fold with the arrow on the front that I recommend with long and loose scarves is mainly to be avoided worn look on smaller squares as the result may evoke a cowgirl or a bib.

But you can make it tight as seen on the right cover pic above.

D. Match it with flair

V necklines, round necklines… fabrics, prints… no rules!

I only suggest to stay away from things that may look like they belong to a disguise.

Therefore, I’d avoid the jean jacket (Texas girl or bad gal from the fifties) or the white shirt (air hostess).

As usual, clever print and color mix are a road to success.


Do you think you’ll try the neckerchief? 

Cover collage: rramonanana IG, unknown

20 Responses to “How to wear the neckerchief?”
  1. Cecilia says:

    This is really cool – merci beaucoup! Would you suggest a few detailed tips on choosing the patterns and places to hunt in Paris?

  2. Julia says:

    Loved the article. I love neckerchiefs, specially with modern prints. I loved how they look with striped blouses, wonderful. I was wondering – how do you like neckerchiefs used in the hair, like around a chignon?

  3. Maria says:

    Good advice on wearing neckerchiefs is exactly what I was looking for lately! Perfect theme for autumn. Thanks a lot.

    And please, write more often – I check your blog weakly, and it always makes me sad not to see a new post 🙂

  4. It looks like this works only with low necklines and high ones. Am I right?

  5. Lisa says:

    Fun to see different ways to use some of the beautiful smaller scarves in my drawer!

  6. Meredith says:

    I love neckerchiefs and have worn them like this for years.

  7. vivien_noir says:

    I once wore a navy blue, red and White striped shiny, silky neckerchief to a Party years ago. I paired it with a White blouse and light Grey suspended skirt, and thought it looked quite vintage-y, 1940ies style. When I brought some friends to the railway Station the morning after, a man approached me asking for advice on the Trains and leaving times. As I apologized for not knowing, he was very upset. This was the Initial Moment it clicked in my head… he had thought I was a railway Stewardess! I never wore that scarf again…

  8. Lilah says:

    Thank you! This is great.

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