How to wear the jumpsuit for a party?

Soon it’s going to be party time. “Yey!”

Which means party outfit! “Yey!” Or “Agaaaain? What on earth am I going to work this time?”

Maybe you could try the jumpsuit?

Classy and less expected than a dress.

Because even if jumpsuits have been trendy since 5 years now, you still do not see them on many women.

Maybe that’s because they are tricky to wear and can easily be unflattering when chosen wrong.

On the other hand, they may make you look like a powerful bombshell.

Stressful introduction I know.

But here come my tips to get the one you’ll look stunning in!

1. What jumpsuit shape for my body? 

THE first question you have to ask yourself before acquiring any piece of clothing  is if it indeed suits your body.

If it does not, then do not get it. As simple as this.

So trying is really the only option 🙂 Even if you ordered online, always make sure to return anything that is not perfect. That’s why they edit return coupons ^^

a. No defined waist

Whether you are super skinny or have some pudgy tummy, the recommandation goes alike.

You should not draw the attention on your waistline.

I therefore recommend you to pick low waisted jumpsuits that sit on the hips.

If you have a flat belly, the upper body part can be fitted.

If you do not, prefer something fluid.

jumpsuit shorts

Shopping for youLow waisted low V neck long jumpsuit black and Standard waist sheeplike faux-bustier long jumpsuit black

b. Defined waist

A high waisted jumpsuit will make your feminine silhouette look its best whether you are super petite or tall and curvy.

Those with belts look amazing.

Combinaison Inside closet Macha Paris 3

Inside closet

Shopping for you:  Belted high waisted low V neck long navy blue jumpsuit

c. Pretty round bum

Your bum is your best asset?

Jumpsuits are not your best friend then… Most of them though.

My recommandation is to find a model that has a bare back and a fitted bottom. This way back viewers can enjoy the view on your “chute de rein” (I do not know how to translate, it means “the part where you back becomes your bum”).

Laure de sagazan combinaison

Laure de Sagazan

Shopping for youHigh waisted low back long jumpsuit black

d. Curvy hips and legs

Usually, you also have a defined waist no matter if you are more of an 8 or more of an A.

Use the belted high waisted shape seen above.

Pantswise, skinny, straight or large work.

Fluid or structured fabric are good options. Just avoid jerseys, silk and very thin and soft fabrics that will make your butt a bit jelly like (even if firm) and display cellulite.

jumpsuit Nadia aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn

Even A line culotte style can look good worn 7/8 or floor length with heels.

Culotte jumpsuit Nordstrom


Shopping for youBelted high waisted low V neck long navy blue jumpsuit and High waisted low back long jumpsuit and High waisted belted long spaghetti deep V neck jumpsuit

e. Small breasts

Why not dare the plunging V neck or the bare back? Or both?

And not bra of course ^^

Elle may leckenby

Elle May Leckenby

For youHigh waisted belted long spaghetti deep V neck jumpsuit black and High waisted low back long jumpsuit

f. Pretty legs

Try the short jumpsuit with printed tights (plumetis, lace, etc…).

Also a nice option for short girls who’ll look adorable and more edgy than in a dress.

Eleonore bridge mini combi

Eleonore Bridge

Shopping for you:  Short high belted jumpsuit black and Super mini high waisted bustier jumpsuit

g. Large shoulders

Prefer covered shoulders with V neck (creating a break in the width).

Shopping for you:  High waisted plunging V neck palazzo pants shiny black jumpsuit

h. Big breasts

Opt for fluid upper part with low neck that does not show cleavage.

Shopping for youBelted high waisted low V neck long navy blue jumpsuit

i. Round O type figure

Which means no defined waist and a noticeable belly.

Sorry ladies, the jumpsuit is not the piece you shall choose to look radiant.

But no harm done, there are plenty of things out there for you to look stunning with.

Prefer the straight rather short dress or skinny pants with a fluid top and show your legs ^^

j. Anyone

Supertight jersey models look like you are starring as an Austin Powers girl (cheap James Bond girl version).

There shall not be too much fabric.

There shall always be a waist somewhere either low or high. Otherwise you’ll just look like a big rectangle for the best and like a potato bag going on teletubbie for the worth.

2. What fabric? 

I recommend either fluid yet rather thick fabric or structured fabrics (tuxedo like jumpsuits).

Very very few ladies can afford silk satin. It shows every details…

Plus it may look like you are wearing pajamas. Even if chic pajamas are a thing, I am not so sure everyone gets how chic it is supposed to be in fashion’s magazine’s wonderland.

Jersey are to be kept for hanging out at home. (Even fancy sparkly jerseys).

Otherwise everything is allowed. Sequins, sparkles and lurex included.

sequined romper

Pursuit of shoes

3. What color?

A quick search of the entry “jumpsuit” anywhere on the internet will show you that 90% of them are black or eventually dark blue (as seen above). Letting 5% of day only prints and colors. And 5% of other colors.

If you happen to find a jumpsuit in another color than black that flatters you and that looks chic, go for it ^^ (and good luck). If you do not, trust me, black is enough to make you stand out.

And you still have the accessories to add!

combinaison rouge

Belle inconnue

green jumpsuit

Another belle inconnue

4. How to wear it?

Like always, accessories are key.

Especially if like 90% of women opting for the jumpsuit you get a black one.

So statement jewels, statement bags and statement shoes.

Of course make sure the neckline and the jewels match.

For the shoes I recommend thin and feminine pumps or heeled sandals with long jumpsuits and kitten heels, mary janes, chunkier sandals, babies and booties for the shorter jumpsuits (with black plain or printed tights).

For the length of the long pants, I advice to cut or roll them over the ankle bone for a more feminine result (yes, not only in Tim Burton’s are bones a sexy feature).

Combi le blog de Lilou

Le blog de Lilou

If you have shorter legs and want to keep the full length, cut them just above the shoe limit so the pants do not wrinkle.

Into your closet combinaison

Into your closet

You could also use a statement belt if you are lucky to have a defined waist.

combinaison avec ceinture lanvin

Lanvin belted jumpsuit

Top your jumpsuit with a jacket or a bomber worn either with sleeved or just like a cape

Polina Inside closet combinaison 2

Polina on Inside closet

Voilà voilà, I though this was a subject I had not a lot to say about but waouh, turns out I had! 

Hope this will help those who always dreamt of wearing a jumpsuit to actually pull it out 🙂

Cover collage: Inside closet, the sartorialist

17 Responses to “How to wear the jumpsuit for a party?”
  1. Hello,
    Thank you for this very complete article, especially on the type of jacket to wear. I bought a first jumpsuit that I really liked to wear to go out and suddenly I have 3 more since! I hadn’t necessarily managed to find the shoes to wear with and thanks to your writings, no more excuses!

  2. Gigi says:

    Bonjour, j’ai choisi une combi rose pâle asymétrique pour un mariage dans 10 jour, j’aimerais trouver une ceinture qui saccordderait bien, une idée ?

  3. Russo says:

    Bonjour j’ai 2 combis-pantalons une rouge avec des bandes blanches et une autres avec des bandes pailleter, puis je les porter avec des sandalrs ou bien plus avec des baskets blanches

  4. Titi says:

    Merci pour cet article très complet notamment sur le type de veste à mettre. J’ai acheté une 1ère combinaison que j’ai beaucoup aimée porter pour sortir et du coup j’en ai 3 de plus depuis ! Je n’avais pas forcément réussi à trouver les chaussures à mettre avec et grâce à tes écrits plus d’excuses !
    A bientôt

  5. Salut ! Article complet et instructif à la fois !
    Je viens moi aussi d’en écrire un pour montrer comment il est possible de porter la même combinaison à la fois la journée et en soirée.
    À bientôt !

  6. Meriem says:

    SVP c’était quoi la marque de la combinaison rouge ?!?

  7. Gwladys says:

    Je me demandais quelle étais la marque du combi-short noir en photo dans le paragraphe “a. Pas de taille définie” ??

  8. Thalía says:

    Great advice. I actually looked awesome! Thank you so much 🙂

  9. V says:

    Un GRAND merci pour cet article !
    Je regardais de loin ce type de pièce et quand je me suis risquée à en tester deux, comment dire…un désastre !
    Avec ces conseils, j’arrive à voir ou ça pêchait ( matière trop fluide, excès de tissu, taille non marquée… ).
    Soupir de soulagement quand on voit que petit bidou et/ou larges épaules et/ou forte poitrine et autres…peuvent se “caser” quelque part 😉 ..à condition de trouver LA PIECE. D’ailleurs, j’ai eu un coup de cœur absolu pour un modèle soooooold-out 🙁 mais je sais désormais ou porter mon attention.
    Bon week-end

  10. Catherine says:

    Encore une fois un bel article très instructif, avec beaucoup d’humour et de style. Je viens justement d’acheter une belle combinaison bleu marine et je me demandais comment la porter et je pouvais la porter pour Noël.

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