How to wear red at Christmas time without looking like Santa

I am talking Santa’s red. It’s Christmas. C’est Noël!

I know I already wrote an article about how to master bright red last year, but here it is how to wear it for a festive event such as Christmas eve.

Without looking like you just robbed Santa’s Clauset.

1/With black

Classic and safe. Typically red to lighten up an all black outfit. As in red pumps with black jumpsuit.

Or black to soften a fierce red dress

You are no Christmas canapé so avoid horizontal layering: a layer of red shoes, a layer of black tights, a layer of red skirt, a layer of black top.

Prefer putting a base with something on top like red shoes and red pants topped with a black top.



Red and Christmas eve #1

2/ With a hint of gold

Red with a hint of gold… or gold with a hint of red rather than fifty fifty that may make you ressemble the Christmas tree.

Red and Christmas eve #2

3/ With silver

Less “Christmas magic” than the former, silver is easier to use with broader portions of red.

Red and Christmas eve #3

4/ With ultraviolet

Because it’s Pantone of the year, festive and unexpected.

I recommend getting one as a main and the other as an accent in order to spare the retinas of other guests.


Red and Christmas eve #4

5/ With schocking pink

Those neighbour colors are super close and you can mix them in the proportions you fancy.


Red and Christmas eve #5

6/ With burgundy

Because we love camaieu.

Red and Christmas eve #6

7/ As monochrome

Not the good choice if you do not want to be the focus of all attentions.

8/ Not with green

Neither with white.


Hope to have inspired you! And ladies, I remind you that it is still time to offer a distance styling to your love ones, I’ll send you a scanned personalized gift card that you will just have to print, 

Joyeux Noël!


10 Responses to “How to wear red at Christmas time without looking like Santa”
  1. Barbera A says:

    Hello. Just found your blog and I like it. I like the bright red toned down with white hues the best! Last christmas I had a christmas dress all red with golden stars on it found on but also have seen it on Ama..I really hope you want to make more good articles this christmas as this time of the year is very important to me and my family. Have a nice summer!

  2. sch says:

    Thanks for this beautiful article. but I can’t see any images in this page.

  3. Catherine says:

    Moi qui aime le rouge, j’apprécie toutes ces bonnes idées pas seulement valables pour les soirées. Et le rouge le printemps et l’été ? Qu’en pensez-vous ? Comment le porter ? Quels sont les tissus qui “aiment” le rouge ?

  4. Carol Naranjo says:

    I love your blog, your fashion sense is just amazing. Thanks for sharing and happy new year!

  5. vivien_noir says:

    I like bright red toned down with wine hues the best! It’s unexpected, allows head-to-toe-red (which I like) and Looks sophisticated to me. Thaks for the interesting compilation here!

  6. MABdePARIS says:

    Un vrai régal, tant par les suggestions de tenue que par l’humour de la rédaction.

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